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Pastor Appreciation for Valentine's Day

I'm always dreaming up fun ways to appreciate our pastors and staff.  For Valentine's Day we created a little heart garland or 'love line' to hang in their offices.  Take a look.

Paper heart garland

Supplies Needed:
Paper Sacks
Paper Hearts
Hot Glue

Paper heart garland

Using our church's die cut machine, I cut out lots of paper hearts.  I asked the Bible Study Ladies to write little 'love and appreciation' notes to our pastors and staff on the paper hearts.
When completed they placed their hearts in each of the labeled sacks.
Heart garland

It was fun having a few different colors to break up all the red...unless you're going for that 'red look'.  
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Heart garland for the pastors

I took the completed paper hearts home and heated up my glue gun.

Heart garland for the pastors

One small drop of hot glue held the string into place.  I measured about 2 inches in between the hearts.

Heart garland

I then took them back to the church and hung them in each person's office.

Heart garland for Valentine's Day

Such a simple way to show some love.  

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