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Nut Pun Valentine Printables

You've reached my Valentine A to Z Printables.
26 days of valentine ideas one letter at a time.
Today is the Letter N.

N is for nuts.
A few months ago we celebrated my niece's birthday AND the fact that she had outgrown her peanut allergy--can you believe that?! She was so excited to finally be able to eat peanuts again that she requested her dinner be at a Roadhouse restaurant where they throw peanut shells on the floor!

I gave her this little box of peanut goodness!

I also printed a few more nut puns to put in her gifts. These nut printables could go with any kind of nut gift or basket.

For Valentine's Day, I thought I'd update them a bit. Take a look.

Click here to print your own Nut Valentines. 

Here's some more nutty valentine printables for you.

i'm nuts about you free printable valentine

Quick and Cheesy Valentines. I'm totally nuts about you! Four other fun and inexpensive ideas too.

Make it a 'nutty' day!


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