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USA Citizenship Party and Printables

Celebrating a friend and her USA Citizenship

When a friend from China received her USA citizenship, we just had to celebrate, right?!  You know me well.

A Chinese friend in our Ladies Small Group at church has had us praying for her citizenship for months and it has finally happened! Answered prayers!  We're so excited for her!

Simple ways to decorate using red, white and blue.

My friend also shared some of the struggles she's having with becoming a US citizen. Although she's happy to be an American, she feels sad that she can't have dual citizenship.  She feels like she's turning her back on her homeland--China, by becoming an American.  The minute she was told she was an US citizen, she cried with sadness of saying goodbye to her country.  I'm guessing that this struggle of loving 2 countries will always tug at her heart.

Honoring a USA citizen from China.

I put together this little celebration to honor her and the decision she made.  It doesn't take much to celebrate.  A few patriotic plates, napkins and printables does the trick.  Curling ribbon, beads and carnations in milk bottles finished everything off.

Patriotic brownies with red strawberries and blueberries.

I frosted a plate of brownies with whipped topping and added some fresh strawberries and blueberries on top.

Decorate in red, white and blue.

Even though it was the day after Valentine's Day, I found some blue and white star (Hanukkah) cookies in our local bakery, to add to our spread.
We sang America the Beautiful and put all the beads around our friend's neck as we listened to her tell about the ceremony.

I had a little story, too.
When I dashed into the party store (on Valentine's Day) to pick up the USA plates and napkins. The store was packed with people buying heart balloons and candy, but behind me in line was a woman buying 2 US flags.  I turned to her, pointing to my flag plates and said, "You're buying flags, too?"  She smiled and told me she was from the Ukraine, heading to her USA citizenship ceremony and wanted some flags to wave.  Don't you love that?  We bonded as we talked and waited in the very long line.  (Note to self: never go to the party store on Valentine's Day!)

Simple ways to celebrate a new US citizen.

Click here to print your own USA Citizenship Printables.

Happy President's Day to you!
May we never take our freedom and citizenship for granted!


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