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Cutie (QT) Pie Valentines

You've reached my A to Z Valentine Printables.  26 days of valentines, one letter at a time.  And today just happens to be the Letter Q. 

The Letter Q is for QT (AKA...cutie and cutie pies.)
OK, so it's not really a 'Q' word, but it's all I could come up with.  
(I wasn't into queen or quilts or 'quack' valentines.)

 a rebus.  (I guess I should have saved this for the Letter R? Oh well.)

4 A QT pi (math symbol)
Get it?  No?  (For a cutie pie!)
...and when you make a rebus and throw in the pi sign, you just have to call it a math valentine, right?  Of course.

Purchase these precious little pies at WalMart for .50.  (Crazy, I know!)
They don't need any extra packaging, just some ribbon and a tag.
I printed my tags on kraft paper.

Click here to print your own tags.
There's 2 sizes.  The large size covers the top of the box.
The small size is perfect for tying on.

Awhile back I made some quick cutie pies on a stick.

Very, very easy to do with store bought pie crust and pie filling.
Click here to see that post.

There's not a lot of cutie pie valentines out there, but take a look at what I did find.


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