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Shopping Trip in Mt. Vernon, WA

Today I'm sharing one my latest shopping adventures. 
It all started on a rainy day...
(I know, this doesn't surprise you.)
AH (Awesome Husband) asked if I wanted to go furniture shopping.

Any time AH brings up the word 'shopping',
I jump up from whatever I'm doing and get in the car before he changes his mind!
AH consulted with his mom, (he's such a smart guy)
and drove me to this small, out of the way...
furniture store in Mt. Vernon, WA.
(about 1.5 hours north of Seattle).

I was quite doubtful we would find anything here. 
It looked so small and uninviting.
We were in desperate need of a coffee table.

One step in the door and I had to run back and grab my camera!
I had never seen a store like this!
The furniture was PACKED into this narrow building!

Tons of chairs were hanging on the walls and ceilings.

The furniture pieces were piled on top of each other! 
Couches, chairs, tables, lamps, desks, pillows, etc. all jammed together.

We had to physically move things around to see all the pieces.
What a treasure hunt!

Everywhere we looked, we saw so many interesting things.

Some new, some old, some unfinished...
some modern, some contemporary, some traditional.

Some pieces were locally made, some were custom made
and some pieces just had to come home with us!
We both fell for this unique coffee table trunk!

AH had to remove a bit of the surrounding furniture to even view this trunk, but what a find!

It was made in India using actual pieces of old Indian trunks.
I loved the wheels on it and the inside storage!

As we were paying for the trunk/table, I spotted this amazing 18 drawer cabinet unit.

 I loved the rustic quality to this piece. 
Old wood, dings and nails and the rusted label pulls, drew me in.
So of course it had to come home with us as well.

We found the perfect place for I'm filling each and every drawer up with treasures.

What a shopping adventure!
I'm pretty sure that AH will not be taking me furniture shopping for quite awhile.

I learned a lesson, too.
Never judge a store by it's outside appearance!

Northwest Fine Furnishings
919 Riverside Drive
Mount Vernon, WA 98273
(360) 424-8455

Bought any furniture lately?


  1. Looks like some great finds. A fun day indeed. I like how they were able to pack so much into one store.

  2. I LOVE the pieces you found! I could get lost in stores like that. You're right, shopping in places like that is a treasure hunt! :)

  3. AH really is AWESOME! Wow - to take you furniture shopping, what a dream come true :) Love the pieces you choose.

  4. Holy moly who knew that little place packed such a punch?! I love, love, love that cabinet unit. I've eyed pieces like that in Ballards and Pottery Barn but a bit pricey for me. Gorgoues find.