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Olympics Family Dinner

The Olympics are finally here!

Celebrate the fun with an
Olympics Family Dinner!

Easy and Quick Olympics Dinner idea with grape catching

Grab the kids to help and you can whip this up in no time!

Olympics Flag Pizza Dinner

First up:  Flag Pizzas!
Use the Pillsbury pizza dough and pre-bake it for 8 minutes on a cookie sheet.
After it cools, cut the crust into rectangles.  (These are the 'flags'.)
Pull out all your pizza toppings and challenge the kids
to make their pizza look like a world flag.

Japan's flag is a good one to start with...
Olympics Flag Pizza Dinner
Pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese and 1 piece of pepperoni.

Some are a bit more challenging than others.
Olympics Flag Pizza Dinner
The red, yellow, red striped flag is our interpretation of Spain's flag.

Cheese slices made nice stripes and we even cut some stars out for China's flag.
Olympics Flag Pizza Dinner
Do you recognize this flag?  It's Jamaica!
Have any idea what the black is?
They're blue corn chips!

I'm guessing you've never had tortilla chips on your pizza before... 
they're a little crunchy, but not bad.
We could have used olives, but no one in the house likes them.

Here's the Grand Ole' Flag...
Olympics Flag Pizza Dinner
Pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, pepperoni strips cut and a blue corn chip for the 'blue'.

Olympics Flag Pizza Dinner
Once the flag pizzas are assembled, bake pizzas at 400 degrees for 6 minutes.

Meanwhile, set the table with world maps, and USA decor.
Olympics Flag Pizza Dinner
I ate Italy and Britain with a salad for dinner.

Don't be surprised when your dinner conversation ends up
sounding like a geography lesson.  After dinner,
surprise the family with a little food fun challenge.

Family Dinner Olympics:  Grape Catching!
(Yep, we're breaking the 'good manners-don't play with your food' rules tonight.)

Olympics Family Dinner Idea- Quick and Simple

The person across the table tries to throw a grape into their partner's mouth.
Each grape in = 1 point.
Add up the points per team.  10 grapes per person.

Olympics Family Dinner Idea- Quick and Simple

{Imagine the shock on my son's face when I told him I would be throwing grapes into his mouth!}

Winning teams are awarded medals--of course!
Candy Medal Ceremony
(It was no surprise that everyone wanted all three medals.)
Olympics Family Dinner Idea- Quick and Simple

Candy, scotch tape and ribbon make these medals super fast to put together! Just tape the candy to a piece of ribbon and tie around the back of the winner's neck. You can even have an award ceremony, humming the 'Star-Spangled Banner'. (For the gold medal, I taped two coins together with the ribbon in-between.)

Olympics Family Dinner Idea- Quick and Simple

To say my kid was excited to get his medals would be an understatement.

And finally...a very special dessert!
Olympics Torch Dessert Cone

Olympic Torch Sherbet Cone!

Olympics Torch Dessert Cone

End the evening off with some Olympics watching 
and rooting and hollering! Go USA!

Olympics Family Dinner Idea- Quick and Simple

 Enjoy the games!
Olympics Family Dinner Idea- Quick and Simple


  1. I just invited people over to watch the Olympics with us in a few days and this gives me some great inspiration!

  2. This looks like so much fun! And it looks very tasty too! ;)

  3. Flag pizzas look like so much fun for kids and adults alike, and I love how they can be conversation starters too.

  4. Awesome idea!! I made salt dough medals for the kids a few days ago and I can't wait for tonight!

  5. OMGosh Michelle what an adorable post!I especially love that lighted tourch cone!! Too cute!

    Enjoy the Olympic Games...(I know I will)

  6. Your dinner looked like it was so much fun! My kids are not that excited about the Olympics, so I am bit bummed.

  7. Very cute! Great inspiration! Go USA!

  8. This is just incredibly adorable!!! Love the flags!! Thanks for sharing at uncommon! featuring this tonight on our FB page! ;) Bonnie

  9. YOU are just too much fun!!! Love the pizzas! Olympics are so much fun!