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LEGO Table

Wow! I take a week off for Spring Break, and I can't seem to get back in the blogging swing of things around here!  The laundry is piled up, the schedule is full of softball and baseball games, my camera's memory card is broken, I have leftover party decor everywhere from Saturday's party (more on that later), and we leave for a trip I've got to get packed!  Yikes! 

I did want to share this post with you, before I get back to my crazy life!
It's my son's LEGO Organization Desk!

You may have seen this idea in the Family Fun Magazine
Built for Building! - Image Collection

No?  Well, I saw it and almost fainted! 
This was exactly what my son needed to organize his ever-growing, out-of-control
LEGO collection!
Click here for the Family Fun directions on how to make one.
______________________________________________________ may have already guessed what happened next?
I showed the article to my 'Build Anything-Do Anything' Dad,
and presented him with (4) wire drawer carts on wheels.

I found the wire carts at the Goodwill for $4.99 a piece on...
Half Off Day! Yay!
{Thankfully my kids were with me to push those carts to the checkout and to the car
without being trampled on!  Those Goodwill 'half-off days' can get pretty crazy!}

I bought the clear plastic bins and the plastic dividers at the Dollar Store. 
The bins fit in the wire drawers perfectly.
They're not as deep as I wanted, but I think they'll be easier to locate pieces in.

My dad cut a piece of laminate board the size of the wire carts, widthwise. 
The length of the board is 7 feet. 
2 wire carts sit on each side with space in the middle for a stool or a chair.

The table top rests on top of the carts.  No nails or screws needed.
This allows us to remove the top and use it for target practice!
...and move the entire desk to a different location.  Very handy!

Of course my dad always goes above and beyond (a trait I inherited).

He added a plastic finished edge all the way around the laminate board. 
It looks so professional! 

The whole family helped my son color sort his LEGO collection. 
It took us about 3 joke! son decided that color sorting was not enough.
He took the LEGO organization up a notch!  (a trait my son inherited from his father...)

This bin holds special orange submarine pieces, creatures and swords and shields.

And check this bin out.  Wow!

The Family Fun Magazine version glued down LEGO base boards along the entire top of the table. 
My son, didn't want that.  He wanted the option to use the table for other things, too.  Plus it's very difficult to spin a Ninjago LEGO on a base board...
So we left the top plain.

Both my daughter and I are a bit jealous that the LEGO pieces got a new desk and we didn't.
However, we both remember what life was like earlier...

(It's so nice to have our house back!)

Click here to see how we organized my son's room.

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  1. Brilliant idea! We have a growing collection of Legos too. Ours has just recently begun. My two have become quickly obsessed. I might need to be on the lookout for a desk now =)

  2. Wow! Michelle, I totally love the Lego desk. My son would love to have a space like that to keep his Lego. Congratulations to you all on a job well done!!!

  3. I LOVE IT!!! I'll pay him to build us one please!!! That is just what is needed in this house! What a great storage and play place!!! WOW!

  4. Great idea! I never thought to do that!

  5. You have got to be kidding me! That is awesome!! My son's Legos are so unorganized and it is so frustrating for him. That desk would be his dream. Seeing the pic of your son at his desk working away has inspired me :)

  6. I will have to remember this if Jonathan gets into Legos. Would be good for organizing the rest of his toys though. Very creative! Love it.

  7. I love this! My son is almost 23 years old, but we still have all of his Legos. Might be a great idea for of these days :) Certainly not rushing that, though :)

  8. What a GREAT organization desk!! My boys just started getting into Legos and I'm quickly seeing the need for some organization before they take over the house!

  9. OMG Michelle! I am terrified that my sons collection could turn into this. That is amazing stuff, great job!

  10. This is wonderful!! I love that your son actually wants things sorted too. Currently my 4 year old likes stuff mostly sorted so I hope he holds on to that and eventually it becomes [almost] as obsessive as my desire. ;) Great job!!! Way to take inspiration and make it a billion times better!

  11. This is awesome - I love that he has a huge space for working on them but also displaying them (that's what we're struggling with at the moment).

  12. Called my grandson to read this over my shoulder...and he was wide-eyed with Lego envy (while I was envious of the fantastic organization)! Great job!

  13. oh michelle. this is AMAZING!!!!! i totally want to do this for my son. his room is taken over with lego creations....i loooove how organized this is! great job and way to go finding all the pieces you needed so inexpensively!!!

  14. Oh my gosh this is awesome...We have been trying to think of a way to sort and organize ours too! We started with a couple of drawers but they got to heavy and then we bought a huge bin at Ikea but you cant find anything in there...what a great idea!

  15. That is sooo awesome! All the little organized pieces make me ever so happy for you! You know me and organization!

  16. This is brilliant! I'm putting this on my to-do list! Thanks for sharing Michelle!