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Love Biscuits

Love is in the air...I mean,
Love is in the rolls.
Yep, there's love messages inside the rolls!

I've got the perfect heart rolls for your Valentine dinner.
You are having a Valentine dinner, aren't you?
Well, if not just save this idea for a birthday meal sometime.
Step 1:
Write some notes.

We were celebrating Grandpa's birthday,
so we made all our notes
questions to answer about Grandpa.
Some of our notes said:
My favorite thing to do with Grandpa is...
My favorite thing I love about Grandpa is...
My favorite thing Grandpa has built is...
If I had Grandpa to myself for the day, we would...

You could write love messages, valentine greetings,
questions about who or what you love, etc...

Step 2:
Fold the notes and wrap in foil.
 Fold them up to the size of a small coin, and they'll work fine.
Step 3:
Make your biscuits and cut them with a heart cookie cutter.


We used store bought Pillsbury biscuits,
but feel free to make your own.
I never take the time...
maybe someday I'll have lots of time on my hands?
Step 4: 
Slice the biscuit in half.
Place the foil packet in the middle
and seal the biscuit back up.
Step: 5
Bake the biscuits.
Step 6:
Place on table.
Step 7:
 Advise the eaters, to split their roll in half before eating!
(Just a safety precaution...
you don't want Grandma choking on her roll.)

Step 8:
Unwrap the message.

Step 9:
Read and answer the question aloud.
 Step 10...Eat, of course!

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  1. These biscuits are so cute! I'm going to have make them. :) THanks for linking up to the Whatever Wednesday party.

    Cherished Handmade Treasures

  2. This I love! What a darling, darling idea Michelle! Like a fortune cookie, only better!!

  3. Such a cute idea! I love ANY kind of bread, and rolls with a special notes would be the best bread ever!

  4. Michelle, I adore this idea!! What a fun activity for the dinner table, thank you for always sharing your adorable ideas!!

  5. Such a sweet idea and I am sure grandpa is just going to love reading all those notes!