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Fruity Pun Valentines

Isn't it hard to find valentines that 'a-peel' to your child?  
I don't know about you,
but I've got a 'picky' one over here.  
She doesn't want valentines to be too 'mushy' or too sub'lime'. 
Well, I think I finally found some valentines with
just the right amount of 'zest'.
I don't know if they hold the 'kiwi' to her heart,
but she did approve.

So 'citrus' right down and see our Fruity Valentines.

Fruit snacks and scratch-n-sniff fruity stickers
make these valentines full of 'juice'.

Print out this fruity card onto photo paper or card stock.
Click on this link.

Hole punch through the card, stickers and the fruit snack package.
Tie up using curling ribbon.

(You could always leave out the fruit snacks if sweets aren't allowed at your child's school.)

 Write on the To and From lines using a Sharpie marker.

So....what do you think?
Do you think they're all 'ripe'?

Sorry about all the puns...once I get going, you never know where I'll 'rind' up!


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