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Valentines for Boys-- Printable Frog Valentines

It's a week of Boy Valentines.

Monday I shared: Popping Valentines
Tuesday I shared: Pirate Valentines

and today it's all about toads and frogs!
(It's a bit random, trust me...I know.)

I've asked my blog readers to view my simple valentine creations and try to guess which valentine my 11 year old son will hand out to his class.

Last year I ordered these Sticky Stretchy Frogs from Oriental Trading planning to use them for this FROG Baby Shower.

I never used them for the shower-- way too small, so I kept them thinking I would use them for something...a Valentine, perhaps?

(These little critters are especially fun to be thrown onto windows or any other glass, metal or plastic surfaces.  Just don't put them on the carpet or in someone's hair!  Yuk!)
Creating these are quite simple.
Print out a sheet of
'Toad'ally Hoppin' Valentines.
Trim cards and tape on a sticky frog.
Keep frog in packaging for giving.
(You could use any small frog toy, candy or sticker.)

Did I meet my son's criteria?

No pink,
No mushy greeting,
No girl will think that he likes her more than a friend...
No hearts on this one.

I wonder if  'Hoppy Valentine's Day' is too babyish?
'Toad'ally is kind of cool, isn't it?
Frogs are OK, right?

Do you think he'll choose this one?

He's lucky I didn't use any kissing frog graphic with a
"You're my prince!" greeting!
I've got another option for him tomorrow.

***Have you been following along this week with our Boy Valentines?  Try to guess which valentine my 11 year old son will choose to hand out to his class.

Option 1:   Popping Valentine

Option 2:   Pirate Valentine

Option 3:   'Toad'ally Hoppin' Valentine

Option 4:   Cheesy Valentine

Option 5:  Kickin' Soccer Valentine

Click here to see the winner.

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  1. Super cute Michelle. An 11 year old son is probably the toughest client ever! Good Luck, I can't wait to see what he picks :)