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Boy Valentines- Printable Pirate Valentine

ARRR Matey!
Yesterday, I told you about my son choosing a valentine to hand out to his classmates.  (Click here if you missed that post.)
I asked my blog readers to view the 'mom-crafted' simple valentine options and try to figure out which valentine my son decided to hand out.

Today's Valentine is Option #2.  A Pirate Valentine.

No BONES about it!
Have a GRRREAT Valentine's Day!

There's no mushy greeting, no pink, only 3 tiny red hearts on it--that you can barely see...
(Will I have to 'walk the plank' with the hearts?)
It doesn't say anything about 'Be my Valentine' or 'You're Sweet.'
It's not it?

Will it pass the 11 year old boy test?
I found these pirate Skulls and Bones candies at the Dollar Store.

I taped the candies onto the back of the card using
black and white striped washi tape.
If you are making non candy valentines, these cards work perfectly with pirate bone stickers.

The stickers I found were at the Dollar Store around Halloween...sorry...
but I'm sure you can find some pirate stickers out there.

Click here to see the winner.

Click here to print your own Pirate Bones Valentines. you think my son chose to hand out Pirate Valentines to his classmates?  We'll see.
Come back tomorrow-- I'll be sharing another option to choose from.
Have you been following along this week with our Boy Valentines?  Try to guess which valentine my 11 year old son will choose to hand out to his class.

Option 1:   Popping Valentine

Option 2:   Pirate Valentine

Option 3:   'Toad'ally Hoppin' Valentine

Option 4:   Cheesy Valentine

Option 5:  Kickin' Soccer Valentine

Click here to see the winner.

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  1. Valentines for boys are so hard…I love that you are doing a series of them. These are adorable!

  2. Ahhhhh another creative one!

  3. Ooh, this is tough! Now I am thinking a boy his age would REALLY like this!