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Seattle Seahawks Football Valentines

Sorry, I couldn't help myself!
After such a great Super Bowl win last night, of course I had to make some Seahawks Printable Valentines!
 This city is going CRaZy...
and I have a feeling that this 'craziness' will last way past Valentine's Day!
Print out your own Seahawks Valentines by clicking here.
Marshawn Lynch has made Skittles a bit tough to find in the State of Washington,

Your best chance to find them is in a Starburst/Skittles Valentine pack.
Tape the Skittles to the valentine cards
and they're ready to go.
Way to go Seahawks!  Thanks for the excitement!

Now, if I could just convince my kids that a Super Bowl win does not mean No School!


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  1. Yes, the better team won! Congrats!

  2. Michelle, I live in WA State, these are terrific!! Great idea~

    Huggs, Nancy

  3. Those are incredibly cute! Well done. Thank you for the free printable.

  4. These are great but do they come in Saints colors with the Saints logo because than I think they would be even better :)

  5. darling! thank you!

  6. Great Valentine, Michelle. I know just who to send one to.

    Uncle John

  7. Alright, my 8 year old and I just finished printing these Seahawk Valentines out and adding a lollipop to them. He was thrilled when I showed them to him. Thanks for making this a printable Michelle!

  8. Winning the SuperBowl was worth a day off at my house :) and the fact that the parade was a block away from my building was awesome!! LOve love loved the Seahwawk valentine...and skittles.

  9. My son is very excited about passing these out--thanks!

  10. So happy to find Seahawks valentines! We've been fans for years and now that just about everyone is a "fan" (though some may have dropped off since we lost our last game - horror!) so it seemed reasonable to bring Seahawks valentines. After all, it'd be silly to have a "12" box without Seahawks themed cards! Thanks again