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You're One in a Billion/Million Valentines

Chocolate candy bars make great valentine treats...
especially with these cute wrappers and tags.
A trip to the Dollar Store resulted in these $1. Million Dollar candy bars.  A trip to Party City resulted in these $1. Billion Dollar candy bars.
Of course I had to taste test them for my readers.
I do happen to be a (self-proclaimed) chocolate connoisseur...
taste-testing $1. chocolate bars for a blog post??

Well, the chocolate is what you expect for $1.  The Party City Billion Dollar Chocolate bars are definitely better than the Dollar Tree Million Dollar bars.  (I'm sure you guessed that.)  No surprise that they also have more calories and more fat.(Yes, I'm sure I'll be paying for that, later.)


Click here to print out your own billion valentine tags.


Cut out, hole punch and attach to the candy bar with some ribbon.
Click here to print out the red million valentines.
You may want to give someone a million dollar gift for another occasion...birthday, anniversary, etc.
The Dollar Tree Million Dollar candy bars are generic.
(There is no valentine greeting on them.)

Click here to print out the green You're One in a Million tags.
These are going to my children's teachers.
They have about 8 teachers each!  (That's middle school for you!)

Last year we baked up this teacher here.
This year, we're taking a much more simple approach. 

You gotta' love simple and sweet!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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  1. I've never seen these chocolate bars before. I love what you've done with them!

  2. I got them today. Taking the wrapper off and putting them around the kids favorite candy bar. Adding the gift tag w/ a g/c. Thank you !