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Printable Gum Valentines

You're visiting my A to Z Valentine Printables--26 days of printable valentines with ideas for each letter of the alphabet.
Today is the Letter G.

G is for gum.  Today the theme is valentines with gum.  You won't believe all the creative 'gum puns' that work for valentine greetings. Take a look at this old one from my michellepaigeblogs archives- circa 2013.

Although I do like this little valentine, I thought I should update it with a more standard greeting and no 'mushy' words or hearts.  I have a feeling that most valentine-giving kids (especially boys) don't want to call anyone 'their valentine' or be 'stuck' on them.  So I crafted up a new version perfectly good for boys or girls to hand out to classmates with no 'hidden' meanings.

These single packs of gum are found at the Dollar Store.  I used washi tape on both ends of the package to keep the gum in place.

Click here to print your own Extraordinary Valentines.

Here's some more gum valentine ideas to 'chew' on.  Enjoy!

"Extra" Awesome Valentine & Free Printable

Have a bubbly fun day!


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