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Questionable Valentines

You've reached my A to Z Valentines. Today is the Letter Q.
Q is a difficult letter. It's not like there's Q-tip, quail or quilted valentines out there--and why would there be?
When I'm on the internet searching for valentines, I often run across some very interesting ones. There are some I just don't get (I'm not up on my pop culture) and others I would never, ever put in a blog post. And some,well--keep reading.

The following valentines are questionable...I mean, do they really even count as valentines? I'm not sure? 
Maybe these valentines will tickle your funny bone? Or maybe you'll want to skip this post entirely? You choose.
A to Z Valentines

Q is for Questionable Valentines.
Of course they are all family friendly. We'll start with one of mine.

Here's the one I forced my son to hand out a few years ago.
Michelle Paige Blogs-- Snicker Valentine for a Teen

Printable Snickers Valentine

Here's a valentine to give to someone who isn't your valentine anymore, but you want them to be?
Music Notes--Bach Valentine
Bach printable valentine

From a dog lover.
Unblushing on Etsy
Dog lover valentine
Is this a 'break up' valentine?
Star Wars Single
For all 9gaggers- Han Solo valentine

For the theater lover, based on the musical, Hamilton.
Hamilton valentine cards pack (? by Violet-Madness) |•| I now have my valentines for next year

This doesn't happen at your house, does it?
Our customised items for your own personal guy fit any occasion #Giftsforguys

Ruffles and Rain Boots-- Sarcastic Valentines

Collage of Sarcastic Printable Valentines Day Cards

This is a weird vintage valentine. Can you even imagine someone giving this valentine???

Another contender in our "Most Ridiculous Valentine's Card Ever" competition. False teeth are the height of romance!

Hmm...Would you give or get this one?
Unblushing on Etsy

Printable Questionable Valentines

From an English teacher, perhaps? 
For the person who’s as grammar-obsessed as you are.

Another English Teacher's Valentine 
You had me at WHOM - the perfect print for your grammar nerd Valentine.

Knotty Cards Etsy$-- I'm Sorry Valentine
image 0

Not Sick of You
42 Honest Valentine's Day Cards For Any Situation

Be VERY careful reading these valentines.
Fresh Xmas-- I Hate Valentines
Sarcastic valentines

and I'll leave you with the cheesiest valentine of all time...

Printable Boy Valentines

Looking for more Valentine ideas? Want to see my other collections, round ups and free printables?
 Click here. 
Hundreds of valentine ideas in an A to Z library.

Here's just a sample:
A to Z Valentine Printables @michellepaigeblogs.comA to Z Valentine Printables @michellepaigeblogs.comA to Z Valentine Printables
      A to Z Valentine Printables @michellepaigeblogs.comA to Z Valentine Printables @michellepaigeblogs.comA to Z Valentine Printables
A to Z Valentine Printables, Puns & Ideas


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