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Snowman Tree

Over the years, I've accumulated many adorable snowman ornaments.
Instead of putting them on our family tree and having them get lost,
I designated a mini tree just for the snow people.
Check it out.

I start with a mini tree.
This one came from Michaels.
Wrap up the base and table with pretty tulle 'snow-looking' material.

Add on an icy snowflake garland,
a sparkly snowball garland
and lots of snowman ornaments.

Some of my ornaments I have hand made myself--like this glass ball snowman...

and this scarf wearing snowman.

The majority of my ornaments have been gifts. 
Like these sweet ones.

This snowman Mariners baseball ornament is a family favorite!

I finish off the snowman tree with more snowmen displayed at the base of the tree.

And there you have it...
Our Snowman Tree.
Sometimes we even leave this tree out for January!

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!
(Seattle has been waiting for some white stuff!)

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  1. Love your collection, Michelle! I have a snowman collection too! ;) and I definitely need to find that snowball garland!!! LOVE!

  2. Adorable tree and I LOVE your handmade scarf snowman ornament!!

  3. Cute tree. LOVE all the snowmen.

  4. Love your snowmen. We have a tree we also do in snowmen and snowflakes. I also have several sitting around the bottom of the tree. Hubby started the collection of them.


  5. Love the snowman tree! Simply adorable!

  6. That is such a cute tree! I love all the snowmen!