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You Take the Cake, Valentine!

You Take the Cake!
I've pulled together some Valentine Heart Cakes to
take to a gathering tonight.
You know me...I want something quick and cute.

(Pretty cute, don't you think?  They're definitely quick!)
Here's the supplies I used:

A box of Little Debbie Be My Valentine Cakes
Cupcake liners
Decorative tape
Plastic cups (optional)
Print out these tags on cardstock or photopaper.

Trim tags and attach to a toothpick with tape.
I used red plastic toothpicks and washi tape to make mine.
Stick the toothpick label right into the cake.
Easily deliver this to a friend by
placing the liner and cake inside a plastic cup.
Tonight, I've got a whole tray ready to take to church.
They're perfect to give to our youth leaders
as we sit through a meeting.
You don't think they'll mind an early Valentine treat, will they?

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  1. I love that these are no bake! :) They are the perfect Valentine's treat.

  2. Love it - sweet and simple - love the carry in the cup idea too

  3. So cute and easy--I love the red toothpicks :)

  4. Good idea! Since I suck at baking, i like it even more :) love all the red stuff that makes it sooo valentine-like!

  5. Thanks- trying to come up for something for the front office of younger son's school.
    You are so clever to put it in the cup:)