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Sunshine Party!

I'm not sure there's a 'brighter' way to celebrate a birthday--than with a Sunshine Party!!

It doesn't matter how old or young you are,
a Sunshine Party will bring out the smiles! 

Color theme:  Bright yellow and hot pink!

One large hot pink sheet covers the table and the wall.

Inflatable suns purchased from the Dollar Tree.
Yellow crepe paper and paper fans from Party City.

Kid-made 'Sunshine' artwork.
(I'll share later how we made this!)

Drink dispensers from Target. (I added the vinyl letters.)

Lemonade in mason jars with sun labeled paper straws.

Treats included:  Honey Corn Pops cereal with a metal scoop,

Dishes of cotton candy, yellow marshmallows and peach jelly rings.

...and mini cupcakes to celebrate Nana's birthday!
Happy Birthday Nana!

Brunch included: mini egg omelets recipe from this party,
fruit kabobs and bacon.

Mini powdered donuts sat in yellow cupcake liners at each place setting.

Plastic poms lined the middle of the table from this post.
Labeled glasses with Washi tape, from this post.

After food it's game time!

--Ultimate Sunshine Frisbee
--Sunshine Balloon Juggling

Don't you love how everyone gets involved?!

After games and gifts was a photo shoot with lots of sunshine props and silliness!

So, let the sunshine in...