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Book Covers with Duck Tape and Washi Tape

It's the first day of school around here!

Both kids are in Junior High School...together. 

Our daughter is in 8th grade and our son is in 7th grade.  This year they're in the same small, private school. Not only that, but they will be in the same lunch and band class together.  Yikes!

As you can imagine, we've been discussing and 'role-playing' how to treat each other at school. 
Just the basics like:  What to call each other in the halls... meany, weirdo, little bro', shorty-- will not be acceptable.  (Please know those names are not acceptable at home, either...but especially not tolerated at school!)
We also covered no teasing, making fun of each other or taking each other's things. 
No touching, pulling, shoving, head tapping or slugging when they pass by each other. 
Yes, I think you're starting to understand our day-to-day life.

Their job is to stick up for each other, help one another and show their friends that they DO care about each other.  Can they do this and survive their Junior High experience?  We'll see.
I can not wait to hear how their first day of school went!

Both of my kids have many HEAVY and EXPENSIVE books!  Last year my daughter ripped her backpack the 2nd week of school from overloading it with her books. We had a bit of trouble taking care of the books as they were lugged around from home and school and sports.

This school year I'm trying out an idea (click on this link) to create book covers from Duck tape.
Gone are the days of paper sack book covers that would rip halfway through the semester.  Do you remember those? 
Well, check out these fancy things!

The kids chose Duck tape colors and patterns that they liked.
(There's a million choices found in the craft stores.)

Do not ruin the book by applying Duck Tape to the actual cover of the book, instead you'll need to create Duck Tape 'fabric' or for us oldies...create a Duck tape paper 'sack'. 

On a kitchen counter or a table, lay out strips of Duck Tape, (sticky side up) overlapping each strip a little bit, so they stick together.  Press as flat as you can without letting the tape stick to you.
Make your strips long enough to cover the length and the width of the book. 
From experience...always go a bit longer than you think you'll need.

Use a contrasting color for the inside of the book cover.
Place contrasting colored Duck tape strips directly on top of the sticky strips you just assembled.
Fold Duck tape 'fabric' around the book, creating a front flap and a back flap.
Trim off edges.
Use one more piece of tape to secure the flaps and create 'pockets' for the corners of the book to rest in.

With Composition books and subject notebooks you can apply the Duck tape directly to the cover.

Decorate just the front or both sides.
This can be done with Washi tape, too!
Make all kinds of designs and patterns.

Have a great school year!


  1. What a great way to make book covers! These covers should DEFINITELY keep your kids' books and notebooks looking great all year since Duck Tape is so sturdy!

  2. Oh how I wish washi tape was around when I was in school. Instead we covered everything in BORING grocery bags...blah! Hope the new school year is going great for your kiddos!