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Eggs-tra Special Easter Treat for Teachers

Have an Eggs-tra special teacher in your life? 

Want to make those teachers a fun little Easter treat that they rip open to find the candies inside?
...or maybe you just want to see how I made them?

Begin with these adorable patterned paper sacks. 
(I found these at Michaels.)

Gather some egg shaped candies... 
Wrapped chocolate eggs and jellybean eggs work well.

Next, cut an oval egg shape out of cardstock for a template.
Trace the oval onto the sack.
Cut directly on the traced line.  (You now have 2 small ovals.)
On another paper sack,
cut around the template with a quarter inch gap.
This gives you two different sizes.  One bigger than the other.
(This also gives you 2 small sizes and 2 large sizes.  Supplies to make 2 eggs.)

Place the small oval on top of the large oval. 
Printed sides facing out.
Using a large stitch on your sewing machine, begin sewing the two pieces together, leaving a small edge on the egg.
Once you have sewn halfway around the egg shape, insert the candy.

Continue sewing around the egg with the candy inside.
Because the candy sticks up, some of the edges will crinkle and buckle a worries, keep going.

Once finished.  Trim the edges off all around the outside of the egg.

Next, print out the teacher tags. 
Cut around the circle tags with scissors.

Click here to print your own tags.

Final step.  Washi tape--my favorite!
Use bright and colorful washi tape to adhere
the tags directly on the outside of the eggs.

Hand deliver to your favorite teachers.  Happy Easter!


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