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Bright and Colorful Balloon Party

It doesn't take much time or many supplies to host a balloon themed party!
Take a look at the fun we had with polka dot paper products and balloons.

It all started when I saw these balloon paper plates from Hallmark
I then purchased polka dot napkins and balloons from the Party Store.
The balloon party hats were from a previous party, click here.
Colorful water balloons were found at the Dollar Store.  You can buy a hand pump there, too.  (Let me re-phrase that...Be sure to buy a hand pump!  These balloons are impossible to inflate without one...unless you have some serious lung power!)
A teal green sheet was used to cover the table, on top of the sheet I rolled out a table runner of the polka dot wrapping paper.  Instant color!
Colorful craft poms (in all sizes)...

 were scattered on the table with the mini balloons.
Each place setting had a real plate with the paper plate set on top.  I love doing this.  It adds such a fancy look to paper plates!
Polka dot crepe paper (found at the Party Store) was wrapped around each plastic cup and taped to stay. 
Names were written onto the crepe paper with a Sharpie.
My extra talented sister-in-law joined in the theme with a hot air balloon fruit tray!  LOVE!
Dessert was served in waffle bowls with a mini balloon sticking out of each one.  I used Pringles Cookie Stixs and slipped a mini balloon on each one.  (You could also use Pocky sticks.)
Of course we had a photo booth!  Here's a simple way to make one.

We played Balloon Knee Volleyball for a multi-generational game.  (It's basically volleyball that's played on your knees.  Place a piece of tape on the floor for the net.)

Need a balloon craft to keep busy?

And there you have it.  A bright and colorful Balloon Party.

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