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Rubik's Cube Party

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When my almost 14 year old son asked for a Rubik's Cube  for his birthday, I started chuckling. Wasn't I close to his age when Rubik's Cubes were popular?  Are they making a comeback?  Do they really still sell those things?

Well, yes.  Apparently they never really went out of style?  Created in 1974 by Erno Rubik, a Hungarian architect, Rubik's Cubes hit the shelves in 1980.  They've been popular ever since with many Rubik's Cube Competitions across the globe.  They now have more challenging Rubik's Cube-like puzzles such as the The X-Cube, The Cube Twist Double and the 10x10x10 Speed Cube Puzzle.
 A few kids at my son's school are playing with these cubes and it has sparked an interest in my competitive, puzzle-loving son.  Last year he was all into speed cup why not Rubik's Cube this year?  And come to think of WOULD DOES make a fun, colorful party theme!  Take  a look!


This family dinner party all started with the colors on a Rubik's cube.  Red, orange, yellow, green, blue and white.  Colorful square plates, square napkins and square colored paper card stock made our white square table look festive.  Crepe paper and balloons added color as well.  Square Starburst mini's candies were sprinkled about and orange Fanta drinks in bottles were requested by my son. Finger jello made in all Rubik's colors were cut in squares and placed in parfait dishes labeled, Rubik's cups.  Rubik's Sticks were chopped fruit in all colors, threaded on wooden skewers to resemble cubes. Rubik's Treats were various candies in primary colors placed in a square dish.  Individualized place cards at each setting added more color and these Mini Cubes Party Favors were a big hit!
The Rubik's Cake was a yellow cake with dark chocolate frosting made out of three square layers.  To make the cake look like a 3 x 3 cube, the layers were cut into 9 bricks.  Each layer was then put back together with lots of frosting in-between.  I frosted square Wheat Thins in Rubik's Cube colors and placed them on each side of the cake. I used these 
Color Flame Birthday Candles on top of the cake.  
Birthday gifts were placed in coordinating colors of gift bags. The gift of the party was of course a Rubik's Cube.  My son spent the rest of the evening in front of a YouTube video learning how to solve the puzzle.  (It's even more complicated than I ever imagined!)

Want to have your own Rubik's Cube party?  Click here to print these Rubik's Treats labels.

Click here to print the Rubik's Happy Birthday Poster.

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  1. Such a cute idea! My son LOVES Rubiks cubes so I might consider doing something like this for his birthday!