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Thankful Gifts to Print and Give

There is always someone who could use a little 'thank you' to brighten their day.  You know it's the small things that mean so much.  A tiny treat with a handwritten note is always appreciated. There's just something about being 'thought of' that makes us feel so good.

I especially enjoy handing out 'thank you' gifts around Thanksgiving and Valentine's Day.  Whether it's for teachers, friends, coworkers, neighbors or pastors these ideas make it sweet and simple.

**Check out a few ideas by clicking on the links.
Print your own thank you's on card stock, attach the treats and hand deliver!

I am most 'Cert'ainly thankful for you! (attach Certs)

You bring me so much JOY! (attach Almond Joy)

Thanks for being a great Mentor. (Mentos candies)

Just a little NUTTY thanks to you. (nuts)

Over'foaming' with thanks for you. (foaming soap)

Love and appreciation to a RED-iculoulsy Awesome Friend- Teacher-Neighbor-Pastor. (red gift)

Have I told you 'Reese'ently how much I appreciate you? (Reese's Peanut Butter Cups)

So thankful. So grateful for you. (small gift)

You are Unbe'leaf'able! (attach leaf treat or gift).

Worth more than gold! (gold treat or gift)

Who are you thankful for this season?

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