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FAN-tastic Party for Mom

Fan puns for mom.

You know I love a party with a theme...and even more so when puns are included.  Well, wait until you see the puns on this one! They're FAN-tastic!  It's my mom's birthday and Mother's Day combined into one week-end of celebrations.

Fantastic Party for mom- full of fan puns!

Why fans, you ask?  My mom (a retired school teacher, current foster care provider and organizer of her church's nursery) loves to carry those folded up Chinese fans in her purse.  Most of her time is spent holding a child on her lap.  Whether it's at church, at an event, a restaurant or just waiting in a line...the child gets squirmy and out comes a fan from my mom's purse. Every single child is fascinated to watch my mom unfold the fan and have a breeze flow on their face.  Within minutes the child has completely relaxed and is dozing off to sleep.  It's true...and don't fans make some great puns for mom?  Take a look.

Printable fan puns

I started off by printing out my fan pun cards on white cardstock. Click here to print your own.  I had originally thought I wanted them black and white, but after printing them, I decided to add some watercolors to them.  Quick, easy and colorful.

 Printable fan puns
Trim the cards and glue onto black cardstock for a frame.  I used these cards all throughout the decorations.

These big decorative fans were found at Ikea.  They made a perfect backdrop for the desert table...
Fan party for Mother's Day.

and a fun backdrop for a party photo shoot. (This little cutie joined our party--my parent's newest foster child.)

The fan cards were placed everywhere, on paper fans, real fans, in the flowers and on my mom's gifts.  Bright colored, shiny foil wrap can be found at the Dollar Store.

Fantastic birthday ideas with fan puns.

'From a fan' is one of my favorite puns!
Doesn't that make you smile?  I didn't get a picture of the know, mom's birthday cards.

Fan puns and gifts.

The dessert table was filled with more fan puns.

A FAN party!  FAN puns, gifts and treats.

I found this pink fan at Home Goods and knew it had to be a part of my decor. 

We're your #1 FAN!  FAN puns and printables.

Homemade sugar cookies are my mom's favorite!  This year they were fan-shaped color-coordinated with the party, of course.

Fan shaped cookies for a FAN party.
Fan shaped cookies for a FAN party.

And the cake had to be FANcy, right?
Quick and easy fancy cake!  For a FAN party.

Actually, the cake only looked fancy.  It was a triple layer dark chocolate and yellow cake with buttercream frosting.  The frosting pattern was super easy and only took a few minutes to accomplish.
Quick and easy fancy cake!  For a FAN party.

It involves piping a row of thick dots and then using the back of a spoon to smush each dot.  Repeat over and over.  It was super fun to do!
Quick and easy fancy cake!  For a FAN party.

Of course, mom thought it was FANcy!

The table was FAN-filled as well.

A FAN party for mom.  FAN puns.

 Each place setting had a fold up fan and name card.
A FAN party for mom.  FAN puns.

A white tablecloth covered the table with chalkboard chargers and glass plates. Sheer Pink fabric (curtain panels) were used as table runners.
 Table decor for a FAN party.
 Table decor for a FAN party.

Pink vases held flowers and more pun cards.  I taped black stirring straws on the back of the tags to stick them in with the flowers.

A FANfare for mom.  Party ideas for mom using fans.

Also on the table for the kids were some hand held foam fans and light up fans.
Everyone loved staying 'cool'.

Have a fantastic day!  Free printables, attach to a fan.
You are FANtabulous!  Fan printables to attach to a fan.

We kept celebrating mom all week-end long--she loved it!
A party for my mom.  Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Birthday, Mom!  Happy Mother's Day!
I'll always be your #1 FAN!

***You could always take this fan party idea and adapt it for a child. Play games using fans and objects. Make and decorate accordion paper fans.  Be sure the drink of the party is Fanta!

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