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Halloween Candy Letter to a College Student

Halloween Candy Letter for Student

It's time to send off some Halloween messages to a few college kids across the country.
I packaged up a small bubble mailer filled with treats to bring the students a bit of Halloween fun.

Candy letter for Halloween

This is such an easy idea. You could make your own letter with candy and snacks that you find in your local grocery store or... copy mine.
I made my letter in Pic Monkey. I used free clip art of each item and dropped the picture in the letter.

Halloween Candy Letter

Click here to print your own Halloween letter to a college student. 

(Affiliate links to help you locate the products I used.)
Here's what I included:
    -1 bubble mailer (I used a 6"x9".)
    -1 Ring Pop
    -2-3 packages of Black Forest Little Monster fruit snacks
    -1 mini Almond Joy
    -1 package of Swiss Miss Pumpkin Spice Hot Cocoa Mix
    -1-2 mini Quaker Chewy Halloween Minis.
    -1 mini Whoppers candy
    -1 mini Milk Duds candy
    -2-3 eyeball gumballs
    -1 set of plastic fangs
    -1 copy of the letter
Click here to print your own Halloween letter to a college student. 

Halloween candy letter for students

I actually found these Bubble Mailers at the Dollar Store, but here's an affiliate Amazon link if needed.

Bubble Mailers for Care PackageHalloween Candy Letter to a Student

Stuff all the items in the mailer, including a copy of the letter.
Be careful that the fangs are sandwiched between candy, so they don't poke through the mailing package. 
Halloween Candy Letter to a Student @michellepaigeblogs.comMail off Halloween to a College Kid.

Be sure to write a little note to your college student before mailing it off.

Candy fun for Halloween to a college student.

Happy Halloween!

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