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Me, a Pen Snob? Shoplet Sanford Pen Review

It's sad to say that you will totally think I'm a pen snob after reading this post.
(I've never considered myself a pen snob...but now I'm really rethinking things.)

Here's my story...
I received a package in the mail from 
Have you ever heard of them? 

They're an online company that sells basically every office supply
product you can possibly dream of.
(You dream about office supplies, right?  I know I'm not the only one!)
They offer great deals and discounted shipping.

Anyway, this package arrives in the mail and the minute I open it,
my kids start battling over who gets the cool, space-age looking Sharpie Premium Pen.

{We're a Sharpie household over here.  We LOVE Sharpies!}
We use a Sharpie pen for every craft project, school project, thank you note, birthday card, etc. etc. 

My daughter (who is left-handed), immediately decides that the silver Sharpie Premium Pen
should be hers, because it says it's smear resistant.
(Being a leftie, she does have a good 'point'.)  Ha.

The permanent marker pen feels smooth and sleek, but it's super thick and heavy! 
I don't like pens that give my hand and fingers a workout!
(I promise I'm not a weakling...they did ask for an honest review.)

This Sharpie pen has a lovely fine tip and it's refillable!  (How nice to just buy refills.)
The ink color, however isn't a bold's more like a light black--
(I think that's what makes it not bleed?)
I personally, like bold, black pens that you can really see.
(That sounds snobbish, doesn't it?  I knew it!)
This pen does write very smooth and doesn't feel like a marker at all.
However, I can pass it up.

I hand the pen to my daughter and let her try it out on her Social Studies project.

The first word she writes, smears on her hand. 
I guess Sharpie didn't have lefties try this pen out? 
(See, I told you--I'm a pen snob.)

I then open the package of 700RT Ballpoint InkJoy pens by Paper Mate.

(I have to admit, I wasn't expecting much...come on, I'm apparently a pen snob!)
Plus, you never know what you're going to get with ballpoint pens, right?  Some work, some don't.

To my surprise, I loved these pens!
They're so slim and lightweight.  They feel like air compared to the heavy Sharpie Premium pen.
They have this super comfortable rubber grip.  They write like a dream--so smooth and clean. 
I love the fine tip and the nice dark colors.
It's always fun to get an assorted pack of colors to try out.
(2 black, 1 blue, 1 red come in this 4 pack.) 
Both the blue and red pens have a nice color shade and they click!
I happen to love retractable (click) pens!  It's so much easier to click a pen, than to put a lid on a pen.
(I have a problem remembering to put lids on my pens.)

For the record, I will not be sharing these InkJoy pens with the kids...they're my 'joy'.
(Wow, there's no going back on the snob thing, is there?)

The final package I ripped open was the Sharpie Gel Highlighters.

I need to admit something here--I have never been a big highlighter fan. 
They always seem to smear and color through on the back side of the paper. 
Plus, they always seem so wet.
(It's official- I AM a total pen snob!) 

Well...these Sharpie Gel Highlighters are amazing! 
They're like a twistable crayon, only they're not a crayon- they're gel.
They won't bleed through the paper and they don't smear your writing!
You can leave the cap off and they won't dry out!  (Did you hear that?)
  You twist them when the gel runs down.
(In this picture I twisted the yellow one as far as it could go.)
Whoa!  I think I'm starting to like highlighters!

I tried them out on my Bible Study notes. 

They worked perfectly--no bleeding through to the other side. 
No wet mess on my hands.  Very cool.

Here's my To Do List for the day...(I wrote it using the InkJoy black pen.)

Notice the highlighting?  No smearing my writing!  So cool!
I can use the back of this page too...the highlighter didn't bleed through!  Amazing!
(Maybe I'm not such a pen snob after all?  I like highlighters, I do!)

Well, Shoplet that was fun.  2 out of 3 were a hit for me! 
Thanks for the opportunity to try out some new products...
I'm off to work on my To Do list!

Disclosure: I received samples of these products for review. The opinions are (obviously) 100% mine.

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