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Ruffle Cake for Mom!

My mom's birthday is very close to Mother's Day. 
This means that Mother's Day week-end is full of celebrating... 
and celebrating we did!
Check out the cake I made for my mom.

The color theme was turquoise this year.
(Yes, I have to have a color theme!)

{Remember my color theme and cake from last years' Mother's Day?}

The ruffle cake inspiration came from so many online ideas like this one here.

Of course I didn't have the correct frosting tip, but made mine work 'somehow'.
(It was way to big and my ruffles ended up super fluffy!)
I was in a slight panic when I didn't have a coupler to fit my tip for the frosting bag...
30 minutes of internet work later, I discovered I didn't need a coupler after all, so I calmed down.
However, Seattle decided to have a hot summer day in the middle of May (this never happens!) and my frosting basically turned into soup!  Making room in my refrigerator was almost impossible.
I had 2 telephone calls (I let the machine get them) and a good friend dropped by as I was covered in frosting opening the door!  Really!
{Don't you just love hearing 'what really happened' behind the cake making?}

I didn't quite get my ruffles lined up, either.
(I should have practiced first!)

This is the Buttercream Frosting recipe I used-- it came from here.

4 cups powder sugar
1/2 cup shortening
5 tbsp milk
1 tsp vanilla
Combine all ingredients in mixer on lowest setting for 30 seconds.
Switch to medium high and mix for 2-5 minutes.

I was a bit skeptical using a Buttercream Frosting recipe with no butter or cream in it...
However, this frosting was amazing!  We were all licking our plates.
Even AH (Awesome Husband) who normally doesn't like frosting, was raving about it!

And because the frosting was so yummy,
I used it on my Mom's favorite sugar cookies, too!

I just have to show you the inside of the cake.
2 chocolate layers and 2 yellow cake layers.
(The problem with a tall cake is that it doesn't fit inside the cake dome or the refrigerator or...)

Here she is!
Happy Birthday, Mom!  I love you!

(Aren't you just dying to hear what else went wrong?)
This has truly been the week of craft fails!

Lucky for me, my mom thought everything was wonderful!
(Yep, my mom is pretty wonderful, herself!)


  1. Love the cake!! You did a beautiful job for your mom. Funny how we see the flaws in our work, and it bothers us, but mom's well they see with the heart.

  2. That was a beautiful post, with a beautiful cake for your beautiful mom!!

    Happy birthday to her =)

  3. It was lovely and delicious! Thank you, dear. Love, Mom

  4. Beautiful Michelle! The cake and your mom!

  5. aww Mom is darling and so is the cake! xoxo

  6. Michelle, I am blown away!! What a beautiful cake!!! And, I know the feeling about craft fails. Some weeks everything fails and I think I'll never craft again. But, well, I always do ;)

    (but, my fails are never as amazing looking as yours...just saying!) :)

    Pinning right away!


  7. hello
    can i ask you which colour icing you used here? was it Wilton's?