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A Spoon Party!

I'm finally ready to show you... 

The Fabulous 40th Spoon Party
for my friend, Leah!

To fully understand why my girlfriends and I had a SPOON-themed Party for Leah's 40th,
then come back and see the party!

(Does it make sense, now?  Good.)

Take a look at our fun SPOON-themed decor!

On a shopping trip to Party City, my friend and I found these
'Fierce, Fabulous & Forty' napkins...
Immediately we had our color theme--black, pink, white, silver, zebra print and sparkle!
(This was totally 'Leah' to us!)

Did you see the decked out chandelier??
It's covered in tulle, beads, zebra print ribbon and flattened spoons!
My dad helped me bend back the handles and flatten the spoons I picked up at the Goodwill.
I tried to stamp them, but sadly didn't have the patience or the muscle! 
(You need super power strength to stamp metal...or maybe the correct tools would help?)

I loved getting creative and crafty with spoons!

Of course, every birthday requires baby pictures!  So cute!
(Notice the spoons hanging off the silver urn?  We had spoons everywhere!)

If you've followed my party posts before, you'll know that I always post a
Party Agenda.
Even if we don't follow the times perfectly, it still lets the guests know the plan...
and it tells them when I'd like the party to wind down.
(That's important, right?!  I've got dishes to do!)

Alright!  Let's get this party started!
First up, Name Tags.
As each guest arrived, they wrote their name on a glittery paper spoon,
and attached them with heavy-duty, double-stick tape.

Next, A Spoon Sign-in Tree.
Instead of a 'guest book', we asked each guest to sign a paper spoon to hang on the branches.

We then invited the guests to the
Photo Booth!

Just look at all these fun shots!

The big spoon was our gift to Leah. It was the perfect photo prop!

We asked each guest to bring an appetizer to share,
but I guess food isn't important to me?!
I took zero pictures of the food.
What did I take pictures of...what is more important than food, you wonder?


My friend, Heidi (she's the one above, wearing hot pink),
made these amazing, 'eat with a SPOON' fabulous cake parfait desserts! 
We're talking soooo good, that you dream about them in your sleep!  Seriously!
She made two different kinds.
My favorite was the rich, dark chocolate brownie chunks smothered with layers of carmel sauce, brown sugar cream, garnished with chopped pecans and a sprig of mint.
(Does that not sound divine?!)
Leah's favorite was the lemon sponge cake covered in lemon curd, layered with strawberry mousse and garnished with waffle cone pieces and fresh sliced strawberries. 
Truly unbelieveable!  They looked so elegant and classy.

We sang Happy Birthday and watched Leah blow out 40 candles--that takes awhile, folks!
Most had a bit of trouble deciding which dessert to try first.
(Not me, I always go for chocolate!)

After we were thoroughly stuffed, we presented our
Spoon Gifts to Leah!
One by one, each guest gave Leah a spoon
and told her why they chose that particular spoon for her.
Some were cute and clever, others were very meaningful.

And to finish off our Fabulous Spoon Party,
we all sat down to a fiesty card game of SPOONS!
[You've played Spoons before, right?  No? Click here for instructions.]
We moved the tables together and all gathered around.
Little wooden ice cream spoons helped us keep score.
We marked a star if we got 4 of a kind and grabbed the first spoon.
We marked tally marks if we lost--didn't get a spoon.
Darin ended up with the most tally marks.  Sorry, Darin.
We gave him a pack of baby spoons to practice the Spoon Game at home.

And you can't have a Spoon Party without handing out
Candy Coated Spoons!

Have you ever made these treats?  Perfect for stiring in your coffee or cocoa.
Super easy and quick!
Each guest took home a spoon as they were walking out the door.

Whew!  What a party!
(Dinner Group Friends)
Happy 40th Birthday, Leah!



  1. LOVE this idea...I think I commented before that I absolutely understand the concept behind the "spoon theory", and I love the "spoon party" that you put together for your friend's 40th birthday party. What a great group of friends you are to be SO supportive and loving. The party looks like it was a HUGE HIT and SO ADORABLE!!! I would love it if you would come and link this up with my link party that I co-host with my friend Debbie called Toot Your Horn Tuesday, we just opened the link up today @

    I would love to see this party linked up as well as any other posts you feel excited about! Blessings,


  2. So sweet Michelle! I love it all! I can't wait to plan another party!

  3. I love it, Michelle! You are such a great friend to throw a party this awesome! :)

  4. You would give all of those Hollywood party planners a run for their money! Just amazing!

  5. Totally original idea - love it! I'm your newest follower from 52 Mantels blog hop. If you get a chance - please checkout my blog:

  6. Looks like a super fun party! Thanks for sharing at Things I've Done Thursday this week.

  7. Looks like a blast! Leah is fortunate to have such a great group of friends to celebrate such a milestone. Love all the decor variations you did with the spoons. Those name tags are so cute!

    <3 Christina
    Thanks for linking up at the Wildly Original Round Up linky party!

  8. *sorry - I've tried to comment before - hopefully this will work! :) *
    I am indeed blessed to have such amazing friends. Thank you for the wonderful party, Michelle!

  9. p.s. the stamped spoons on the chandelier are awesome. Sorry I kept you up late getting them down.
    You also need to post a pic of the window you covered with hanging spoons - so amazing!

  10. Thanks for the comments, Leah. What a fun time we had! I might have to re-do the spoon window...the pictures I took didn't look good enough to post.

  11. What an amazing friend you are. It's so sweet of you to really listen to what's going on in her life, take it to heart and choose to honor her in this way. Great work with all the details too. I just love the heart behind it all. Jodi @

  12. Michelle...just wanted to let you know I'm featuring your spoon party tomorrow on the "Toot Your Horn" Party, would love if you come grab your feature button! Loved the party!


  13. Michelle, what an awesome party!! And, goodness, we could all use girlfriends like you!! What a thoughtful idea and beautiful execution! I'm featuring this on FB, twitter and pinterest!

  14. Hi, Michelle! What a beautiful and loving gesture to make for your friend! I am all too familiar with chronic illness/pain and have embraced the spoon theory for many years. Bless Leah on her 40th and bless you and your other friends for giving her so much more than a party! Stopping by and newly following from Toot Your Horn Tuesday. Thanks so much for sharing this amazing celebration! ~Mary

  15. What an awesome party, you went all out and made turning 40 a lot more fun for your friend!