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Spoon Theory and Spoon Party Part 1

My friend Leah lives with fibromyalgia and chronic pain. 
When Leah describes what it's like to live each day in pain,
she often refers to the spoon theory. 
Cartoon image of Christine Miserandino holding a spoon
The spoon theory is an article written by a Lupus sufferer who explains that her chronic pain is like having a handful of spoons. Each tiny act she chooses to do during the day will deplete her supply of spoons.  Daily living becomes a list of mundane choices that must be planned out, in order to finish the day with enough spoons to get into bed at night, and begin the next day anew. Some days there are just a few spoons to work with, other days may be a handful. Click here to read the article.
Spoons have taken on a new meaning for Leah as she lives with her chronic pain.
She's now a serious collector of all kinds of spoons and her
Pinterest boards are full of vintage spoon pics.

When some girlfriends and I were planning a 40th birthday party for Leah,
the theme was obvious...
(You know how I love a good party theme!)
Check out the invitation!
Serving up a SPOONFUL of love and fun for
Leah's 40th Birthday!

We asked each guest to bring a SPOON to 'gift' to Leah.
The invitation reads:

"Attach a note of birthday love including why you chose that particular spoon for her.
Feel free to be creative with your choice of spoon...
new or vintage, simple or ornate,
any style, shape or function."

These little plastic spoons were found at Party City. 
The box of 20 silver, plastic mini spoons were double the price of the 40 plastic mini spoons.
I didn't want them for eating, I wanted them to decorate with!
What's a girl to do?
(Buy the plastic ones and spray paint them, of course!) 

I already had the silver spray paint. 
It worked magically on the plastic spoons...and I only needed to spray one side.
(I love it when a plan comes through!)
We used these spoons on the invitations and look how we
decorated with them!

We put zebra print fabric in glass frames and then using glue dots,
stuck the spoons on top of the glass!  Instant spoon art!
Look at these fun zebra print favor boxes I found at Hobby Lobby.
Of course I had to jazz them up a bit with some feathers and spoons...

and a little hot glue.

Now these little boxes are ready to party!

There's so many incredibly fun things to do with a spoon-themed party,
(and hundreds of pictures to show you)
that I'm going to have to break my posts into 'bite-sized spoonfuls'.
So, for today that's all I'm showing you,
but keep checking in...
You won't want to miss the spoon wreaths
 and the photo booth
 and the whole SPOON Party!


  1. You have the best parties! I love the zebra and all the adorable spoons! Great job! :)

  2. Love it...I'm very familiar with the spoon theory since I'm also a chronic illness sufferer. Such a neat idea for a party! Lovely idea!

  3. Great idea for a party! I have to same spoons from my ice cream social!

  4. Looks like fun. The spoon theory is interesting, will have to remember that one in the future. Love the hot pink, zebra theme.

  5. I sort of read this all backwards and started with your most recent post. At first I was concerned that you may be decorating with spoons now....I was relieved to read it was for a party! However, the wreaths are cute! This specific party theme really shows how much you care for your friend and the illness she has. I raise my spoon to her!

  6. It was an amazing Spoon-a-pa-looza! Thank you!!

  7. Hey, dear,I'm brazilian and I love your page.
    I have a 5 years old daughter and she is crazy about SPOONS since always... And in her next birthday she ask me if she can have a spoon party. Here in Brazil it's not common parties like this.
    Do you have any tips to give me?
    Here is my personal e-mail:

    Thank you already!