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Setting Up a Photo Booth at the Spoon Party!

I'm almost ready to share the entire Fabulous 40 Spoon Party for my friend, Leah.
But for today, I just have to share the photo booth I set up at the Spoon Party.
I need to tell you that at every party I have ever hosted,
I have always taken pictures of all the guests.
I'm a scrapbooker, I need lots of pictures, so I take lots of pictures!
But, I had never created my own party photo booth before...until NOW!
...and NOW,
every single party from here on out MUST have a photo booth!
(This is a warning to all family members and friends reading this.) 

Here's what I did. 
In our playroom, I hung a zebra printed flat sheet on a tall cabinet,
and on the opposite wall, I hung a hot pink flat sheet, over our folded up ping-pong table.

This gave me two background choices.
(I found the sheets at Goodwill for about $6. each.  I washed and ironed them,
AND I will not be using them as sheets--just so you know.)

I brought in some different height stools for sitting,
along with some props.

Props included...
This great, big enormous spoon that my girlfriends and I gave to Leah.
(Oops! My zebra sheet wasn't ready for a big group photo...
but don't you love how we all color co-ordinated!)

Other props included:
Feathered boas, black open frames, silver glittered hats and white boards with messages.
I let the guests, choose the props they wanted as I snapped the pictures.

Some guests chose to keep things simple.

Other guests decided to use every prop I had laid out.

One guest found one of my son's toys to use...
(I hadn't even considered using this prop!)

This cute couple had their newborn baby boy with them...
No, he wasn't a prop, but look how perfectly he fit in the spoon!

Check out these fun pictures I captured!

I originally thought that I would like the zebra printed background better,
but after viewing the pictures, I think the solid color is the way to go.
The guests sort of get 'lost' in the zebra print...
What do you think?


  1. Oh my goodness! This looks like so much fun! I am going to have to do this at my next family get together! Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. I love this idea - I bought fabric to set one up for our Halloween party but we couldn't figure out how to hang it outside. Of course, I only gave it to my husband 15 minutes before the party to figure out so we needed a little more time...I just figured it out writing this, we could have hung it on the playset! Ahhhh.... anyway, love your photos, especially te guys with the boas

  3. Yes, a solid background is always safer for photos. But your zebra print backdrop is so FUN!

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