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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mother's Day Gift Tree and Flower Bouquet

Quick, cute and easy Mother's Day ideas for you...

or for you to show your husband and kids to make for you!

Trust me...moms will love this!

A Mother's Day Gift Tree! 

  Head outside and gather some branches to arrange in a vase.  Remove all budding flowers and leaves from the branches.
(You need the branches bare so they’ll last and not die on you...
don't worry, we'll add pretty flowers!)

Decorate the branches with fake flower blooms,
clipped with scissors, and hung with tiny clothespins.  (You can find these supplies at the Dollar Store.) 

Now, have each family member write their thank you notes and love notes
to mom on paper flowers.
(They don't have to be flower shaped...circles or squares work too.)

Hole punch the notes and tie them on the branches with ribbon. 

Next, add kid coupons for mom, gift cards to mom’s favorite stores
or restaurants and even jewelry!  (Gasp! Can you imagine?)

Mom might request this ‘gift tree’ every year!
Here's another take on this idea...

A Mother's Day Flower Bouquet with Love Notes

Instead of branches, how about a flower bouquet?
Simply tie on love notes around each flower stem.
You can tie on gifts cards too...and jewelry!

Maybe you already have mom's gift picked out? (Good for you!)
Why not add some love notes right to the package?
A Mother's Day Love Gift

Wrap present in a solid color of wrapping paper.
Grab a permanent Sharpie marker and write away!

I bet mom will unwrap this gift very slowly!
Happy Mother's Day, Moms!

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  1. Oh I love it. We have done an "I love you because..." bouquet before, but the gift cards sure do sweeten the deal. I will definitely have to remember this :) Thanks for sharing! Found you at Whipperberry.

  2. wow these are so beautiful gift..i would like to keep it in mind and will use when i have to design it.

  3. Love your interpretation of the classic gift card bouquet. Turned out beautiful. I love the notes on the roses just as much .What a great way to treat mom without the cost of the gift cards. I added it to my roundup of the best gift card wreaths and gift card trees on the Internet. Thanks for sharing. (You can find it on giftcardsDOTcom BLOG if interested.)