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A Knights-In-Training Birthday Party!

Before you become a knight, you must go through the proper training.

Take a look at my son's 9th Birthday! Knights-In-Training Royal Celebration!
The formal invitation

Check out the goodies and decorations.

Alright! Let's get this party started with a fanfare from the King!
(Yes, that's my 'awesome' husband, oh the things I talk him into.)

Training has begun!

Get some inspiration...
Shield Designing is first.

Every good knight needs a personalized shield!

Well done!
Now it's time for the Battle Training.

Get your gear!

Take one bow... (straw)

and strap on a pack of color-coded arrows! (Q-tips)
Now choose your castle to take cover in.

The serpent castle on one side or...

or the dragon castle on the other!

Load one arrow into the bow,aim and fire (blow)!
Repeat again and again! Good work! 

Even the king got in the middle of this battle!

That's the spirit!

Time for Catapult Assembly Training.

Head to the supply table.  Gather what you need.

Follow the directions don't want a faulty catapult!

Don't forget your ammunition (marshmellows)!

Load up the catapult with marshmellows...I mean ammo.

a little target practice.
Take teams,!
Aim for your target!  Get your mask on for protection!
Now, just what you've been waiting for...
it's time for Sword Fighting Practice.

You'll need some energy first, eat up.

OK, you're ready, careful now...

Do a little practice first, then...

get on those 'horses'

and knock your opponent off!
<><><><> <><><><> <><><><>
You've got it!  Great jousting!

Try not to enjoy it too much, this is serious training! Good work!

Your training is complete. Your knighthood has been officially granted by the king!

Time for the Celebration Banquet!

-Corndogs on a stick (knights love anything that can resemble a sword!)
Fruit Kabobs (yes, they're on a stick as well!)

Round Table Snack Mix
(Round pretzels, round soup crackers and cheddar popcorn)

Flaming Arrows -Chocolate dipped marshmellows with red sugar sprinkles! (Oh, look- they're on a stick too!)

Shield cookies- rectangle shaped cookies with a frosted petite cookie on top.

To drink, Knight's Fuel otherwise known as juice pouches.

And Birthday Cake!
Happy 9th Birthday, Jacob!

Before leaving, all knights receive their reward for good training.

Payment in gold (chocolate coins), RingPop (from the king) and little knight figures.
A reward well deserved!

Many thanks go out to the grandparents for their help!  The paper decorations were ordered from Birthday Express and the foam swords were ordered from Amazon.  Catapult directions were found at the Knight for Hire website.  Costumes, hoppity horses and various props were brought from my mom's friends.  The king's robe and crown were borrowed from our church.

 A big thank you (especially from my child) to Lowes for their many appliance boxes and helping me stuff them into my car!  (I drove home with my seat as far forward as possible and cardboard over my head! The things we do for our kids?!)

Now the hard part...getting those thank you notes finished!

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  1. Such a fun party!! And the flaming arrows were yummy! Thanks for including Jack & Thornley

  2. Michelle,
    I need your help with Elizabeth's Fancy Nancy party!!


  3. Thanks Meghan! Rebecca- I'd love to help you!

  4. Wow! you never cease to amaze!! Cool party - glad you found all the supplies.

  5. You are one amazingly talented lady. This is definitely your calling!!

  6. So.....pretty amazing party. The King....well, the know. Good job to all. AB

  7. We were so happy to be there! It was a great party!

  8. It's good to be king! I think the queen works too hard....

  9. Wow your party was so adorable. Absolutely love it :)

  10. I'm not sure you've gotten the word, yet, but this party and your blinged-out bowling party are finalists in my Party Party contest! You might want to go and VOTE!

  11. Wonderful party. It looks like the children had a ball and the whole family had a great time.

  12. Love this so mu ch! ! My son is obsessed with knights!!! We're throwing him a knight party next saturday. Where did u get the knight figures??