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'POP' Baby Shower!

It's baby shower time for 'super cute and very pregnant' Nikki (pictured above on the left) and her almost here, baby girl, Rylee.
My 'very creative, party-planning' friend, Meghan (pictured on the right) chose the theme...ABOUT TO POP!  How fun is that?! 
My job was to make a banner to go with the theme. So I used my Silhoutte cutter, and lots of pink dotted paper along with red ribbon and pink chalking ink.
I had so much fun creating the banner, that I kept on crafting and cutting and created these fun 'POP'corn boxes to put on display!
This led to many more labels and tags.
I made some candy coated marshmellow 'POP's for display and for holding up the circle tags that I taped to pink coffee stirrers.
Meghan brought goodies that purposely went with the 'POP' theme, like...
Carmel 'POP'corn
Mini-'POP' Tarts
and Soda POP!
This was a church shower, so many church friends brought goodies as well.  Their treats didn't go with the 'POP' theme, so we had to get a little creative with the labeling.
for the fruit platter, the label says, A 'POP' in your mouth!
A 'POP' of cheesecake,
 'POP' one in!
a 'POP' of chocolate,
Apple Crisp with a 'POP' of ice cream!

After eating the many, many treats, our church's Children's Pastor gave a devotion using Psalms 139:13.
"For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb.
I am beautifully and wonderfully made."
Next, came Meghan's fun 'POP' shower games.
First was a timed 'POP' quiz.  Here's a few questions:
-You 'POP' open a bottle of this to celebrate.
-Dr. Seuss wrote this book with 'POP' in the title.
-In 'POP' Goes the Weasel, the_____ chases the_____around the_____.
My 'lovely' friend Heidi, finished the quiz first!  Her prize...a bag of 'POP' items, of course.  'POP' Rocks, Mini-'POP' Tarts and a Ring'POP'!
We also played 'POP'tionary!
 It was quite fun trying to draw all kinds of words that had 'POP' in them...words like 'POP'corn, lolli'POP' and 'POP'arazzi! (Well, Meghan sort of stretched on the 'POP' in that word.)
All of Nikki's gifts were recorded on this 'ABOUT TO POP' Gifts Received Sheet.
As the guests were leaving, they picked up one of these 'POP' Tarts goodie bags.  The tag says:
"When it 'POPS' into your mind, say a prayer for Nikki and Baby Rylee!"
We're praying for you, Nikki and we can't wait to meet Rylee.

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