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Labeling to Make Summer Easier

I've been on a labeling kick!  Check out this simple idea. 

I took one cute bucket found at Target's After-Easter Clearance
and added some vinyl lettering cut with the Cricut machine. (Cuttin' Up font)

I filled the bucket with all our sunscreen products.

This bucket is ready to travel anywhere my kids are!

Of course, I didn't stop with just one bucket...

I labeled this bucket....SHADE
and filled it up with all our hats.

I labeled another bucket...WAVES
to keep all the towels ready when needed.

Think of all the time I'm saving myself
by having all this summer gear contained,
easily located and accessible. 
No more running around searching for items!
Maybe my kids will actually use these items now
that they're in such a cute container that's labeled?
Maybe they'll even put the items away?
A mom can always hope, right?!

Inside I even labeled our shoe bins.

I told you I was on a labeling kick!  It's quite addicting!

I'll let you know if this helps with the
'tripping over shoes left out' problem we seem to have.

Wonder what else I can find to label around here?
Click here to see my 'labeled' first aid kit.

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  1. Love the labels - looks great - what about the pantry? you could go crazy in there with the label maker - Jennifer

  2. When Josh & I were first married I labeled where everything went in the kitchen. Josh loved it as did I because everything got put back correctly & you could find it all. So you could label your kitchen...I think I need to do mine too.

  3. Love it! I am bookmarking this!

    P.S. I am having a giveaway. There are awesome organizational charts and tools for moms and kids. I hope you will enter!

  4. Cute and fun. I love organizing!

  5. Great idea for all the shoes.

  6. I love labeling too :) Makes life so much easier...for everyone!

    Kara @

  7. Very cute labels for your supplies! Sun, shade, and waves is very clever. And I totally need to steal your idea for shoe buckets. Ours are out of control!