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You Gotta Love a Craft Fair!

There's nothing that gets my creative juices going more,
than visiting a craft fair or a junk show or a vintage sale or a Hobby Lobby
I come home from viewing such creative things and all I want to do is create! 
Forget about dinner, picking up kids, appointments...I just want to play!

If you live on the Eastside of Seattle, you may already be familiar with
Bellevue's Vasa Park Craft Fair and Issaquah's Pickering Barn Craft Show. 

They're craft fairs in historic barns!  Over 95 vendors packed in at each location.
  Everywhere you look is something fun, unique and creative.

I recently attended the Vasa Park Fall Craft Show. 
Doesn't this look festive?!

Every booth is full with handmade treasures.

Check out these homemade pies...

food gifts and free samples!

Handmade clothing, brightly colored aprons...

adorable baby wear...

  and hats!  Love them!

It's so fun seeing these beautiful baskets being made right on site.
Click here for source.

Crafts, crafts and more crafts. 
Unfortunately, I got in trouble using my camera capturing the crafts.
 Carrying a camera = TROUBLE!
(Remember how I got in trouble with the lifeguards for using
my camera at the pool in Canada?)

So... in order to take pictures, I had to have Sandy (the very sweet organizer of the show), give me approval of my shot and personally escort me and my camera around.
(I completely understand, they don't want their ideas copied and then have those 'copy cats' show up at the next craft show with their products.)  So please, don't do that!

I only got to take one picture of the amazing jewelry that was displayed. 
Many booths had such great, unique jewelry pieces.

I met Kay, a crafter/jewelry maker/author/photographer, who had created
WSU colored jewelry and UW colored jewelry for all those crazy fans out there!  Super fun.

I wish I could have taken more pictures, but I was already in enough trouble!
You'll just have to attend the next show to see all the crafts yourself.

Pickering Barn, Issaquah, WA--  Christmas Craft Show  Nov. 3-5, 2011
Vasa Park, Bellevue, WA--  Christmas Craft Show  Nov. 17-19, 2011


And by the of my favorite things about these shows...
You can buy all your treasures with one transaction...with your credit card!
(I'm sure my AH (awesome husband) loves that, too!)


  1. Hi, Michelle! Great pictures! Thanks for showcasing the shows. And thanks for understanding about the photography. (I have to know about the lifeguard incident! LOL)

    Be sure to check out Pickering Barn on Nov 3-5. There will be an antiques and collectibles section as well as the craft section! Wahoo!

  2. I run a bazaar out here in Oregon, thanks for giving craft shows some love!