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Sunday School Craft for the Book of Ruth

I'm back with another Sunday School craft to show you.
Last week, AH (awesome husband) and I taught the
Bible story of Ruth to our Kindergarten/1st grade
Eager Beaver Bible Club
Sunday School Class. 

Take a look at what we made...
The story of Ruth in a bottle!

Well, they're actually not bottles but clear film containers with lids.
You can purchase these (affiliate link) here for source.

 Before class started, I used my favorite tool the (Crop-o-dile)
and punched a hole through each plastic lid.

Next, I used a 6 inch piece of yarn and threaded both ends into the hole and tied a strong knot. 
I used  a dab of hot glue to keep the knot from pulling through.

I didn't have a big enough heart punch, so I hand cut small hearts out from cardstock. 
I wrote FAMILY on one side, LOVE on the other.
Our focus was on the love Ruth showed Naomi (her mother-in-law).
God wants us to love our families.
This story is "love in action."
After teaching the story of Ruth,
we gave each child a basket and sent them around the room
to gather the pieces of wheat we had scattered earlier.

I found a small package of decorative wheat in the florist department of the grocery store.

Racing around the room to gather wheat!

I pretended I was Naomi and thanked my "Ruths" for showing
me love by gathering wheat for food.
Once all the wheat was gathered, we went back to our craft.

Using crushed wheat,
(I purchased some at a Feed Store.)

We put a teaspoon of the wheat in the bottom of each container
 and cut off a 'head' of wheat to put on top.

We then stuck the LOVE/FAMILY heart inside and snapped the lid closed.
A large piece of yarn was slipped through the loop to make a necklace.

We gave each child the assignment of telling others about the story of Ruth and how she loved her family.

When was the last time you read the book of Ruth?


  1. I love the book of Ruth! What a fun craft :) There were some visitors at church that week, and I met them after the service and they were saying how awesome your Sunday School class was.

  2. I am also a Sunday School teacher. I love your idea about having the children gather the wheat (practicing servanthood as well as showing love!)I also like your craft idea...I think kids would love it. I get a little bored with the cut and paste crafts since they will probably be made into airplanes or thrown out.

  3. What a great craft & lesson! Thank you!

  4. What a great craft & lesson. Thank you!

  5. Love thus idea. Using it tomorrow in our class.