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Mustache Valentines!

I have never really jumped on the mustache trend...
I've never crafted a mustache or modeled a paper mustache or even know any men with mustaches.
(Really?!  I must know someone with a mustache... hmmm?)

However, just looking at all these valentine mustache link ups
is causing me to change my tune...

Check out these fun ideas!
Melanie at Ewehoo! (don't you love that blog name?)
created these valentines with stick-on mustaches.

Click here for directions and printable.

Joni from Six Cherries On Top, made these colorful printables.
Click here to download.

Lina at Fancy Frugal Life shows you how to make
this fun mustache valentine using her iphone.
Click here for directions.

Look at this sweet design by the Orange Blossom Shop. 
Click here for printable.

Here's a cutie pie picture valentine from Heidi of Craft Monkey.
Click here for instructions.

And remember these lollipop mustaches from the
Jennifer from Big D and Me whipped them up via Family Fun.

Here's a twist on the idea...
I hope you have a FAN{TACHE}TIC Valentine's Day!
Jenny at PlumAdorable designed these lollipop mustache valentines.
Click here for directions and printable to make your own.

And while we're on the topic of mustaches,
I have to share this 'stache mug my friend made.
Check out Passionate Design for instructions.

I still can't think of a single person I know that has a mustache...
unless you count him.

oh about...


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  1. Oh, we do tend to forget the wacky side of Valentine's! (love the Jack Sparrow quote: "Savvy!")

  2. Wow! Thanks for the stache feature! It's fan-tache-tic!

  3. Ahhh, thanks for the link luv Michelle! I love these Valentine's I'm thinking my Vinny might make these for his class. I've got and idea in the works for Mr. Samuel...will link it up when I'm done :)

  4. Love your designs! One question, though...why is it that everywhere I look, someone is doing a mustache thing. Did I miss something global?

  5. These are adorable and fun!! I am slow to pick up on the mustache trend, too, but I did click this link from The Frugal Girls because it was a picture of Tom Selleck!

  6. Bahahaha these are adorable and make me giggle!

  7. Popping over from Serenity Now. These are adorable ideas. 'Staches 'staches, everywhere!