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LEGO Party

I'm still partying over here!

Come on over to see my son's LEGO birthday!
Our little 6 year old LEGO maniac.
(The kid is almost 10 and is still a LEGO maniac!)

I set the house up with LEGO decorations in primary colors.

Here's the play room all ready for a LEGO building party!

Here we go!  Check out these LEGO games!

LEGO Limbo was actually one of those Chicken Limbo games. 
I covered up the chicken with a box to look like a LEGO.
The kids took turns walking and crawling under the limbo stick.

LEGO Car Building and Racing: 
 Each child constructed a LEGO car
and took turns testing them down the ramp.
Papa and Dad had to join in with the boys, too!

The kids enjoyed playing Musical LEGO...
sort of like Musical Chairs with LEGO building thrown in.

Musical LEGO
 Put out a placemat for each child  in a circle on the floor. 
Give each mat a pile of LEGOs and 30 seconds to build.
After 30 seconds, play music while the kids walk around in the circle viewing everyone's mats.
Stop the music and the kids must stop wherever they are and start building on the first person's creation.
Repeat over and over.

Every party has to have some sort of relay, right?!

LEGO Relay
Separate the kids into two teams and have them make two lines.
Place two huge piles of random LEGO pieces at the other end of the room. 
The kids run one at a time from their line to the LEGO pile.
Using a big spoon, they scoop up the LEGOs and carry the spoonful
back to the bin where their team line is and dump the LEGOs in their team's bin.
First team to fill up their bin, wins.

Tallest Tower Building
Other LEGO games included the Tallest Tower Building Competition. (sorry no pictures.)
The kids raced to see who could build the tallest tower without having it fall over.

LEGO Trade Game
Give each child a multi-colored stack of 8 LEGO pieces.
(8 was the number of kids at the party)
Each child is to trade LEGOs with each other to collect only one color of LEGOs.
"I'll give you a green for your orange."
The first person to have their 8 block stack of LEGOs be all of the same color, wins.


For lunch we served up the usual hotdog birthday lunch with...
LEGO molded jello!
I bought this big Jello mold here- click here.

And don't forget the cake...

The easiest LEGO cake ever!
1 sheet cake frosted.
6 cupcakes frosted.
Put frosted cupcakes on frosted sheet cake---done!
My kid loved it! 
Since then, he's asked for the same LEGO party again and again!

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  1. Oh, that looks like it was a lot of fun!

  2. OMG!! My son would LOVE this!! How cool!!!!

  3. Love this party - I think one of my favorite things about your parties is the agenda - I know what I'm planning on doing but sometimes rush through activities because I'm worried I'll miss something and then end up having way too much time left - love the musical legos game

  4. Soo AWESOME!!! I am pinning everything. My little guy is thinking a Lego party, I know he will be all on board once I show him this, he'll want to do all of it. BRILLIANT!! Thanks for sharing!

  5. oh...what agreat party!!! he will remember this forever!!! thank you for linking up to Uncommon!

    Bonnie ;)

  6. Thanks for sharing! The best lego party ideas I've seen yet! We might try some for our son's 6th birthday!

  7. What font did you use for the "Jacob's lego party2 sign, It loks really nice and id like to do something similar