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Sunday School Craft for the Parable of the Lost Sheep= True Love

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It's Sunday School Craft Time!

In the midst of all this 'valentine' love,
we must never forget about the One who loves us unconditionally...

Our Sunday School lesson focused on the Parable of the Lost Sheep.
Luke 15:4-7
The shepherd noticed that one sheep was missing. 
He left the 99 sheep and went to look for the one lost sheep.
He found the sheep, carried it home and rejoiced with a celebration!
(More on the story, after the craft...)

Let's make some sheep!

Cut out a head shape with ears out of black paper.

Add some googly eyes and a heart sticker for the nose.

Next, draw a puffy cloud like shape for the kids to cut out.

Using cotton balls, white poms and glue,
fill in the lamb's body.

We had the kids dip cotton swabs into the glue to place on the cotton balls. 
(Much less mess and hassle.)

Have the kids write a note that says,
Jesus Loves Me.
Jesus Loves You.
(and they can give it to a friend.)

I tried to make this into a pun using the word 'ewe',
(Jesus Loves Ewe!)
but the humor was above the 1st grade level, so we kept it simple.

Hot glue the head onto the body and clip on two clothespins for the legs.
The note can be clipped into the clothespins.

Back to the story...

Jesus is the Good Shepherd who
cares for us,
died for us
and wants us to rest in His love.
John 10:11, Matthew 11:28.

True Love.

We can accept this free gift of love and live with Him for eternity.
It's that simple.
Simple enough for a child.  Simple enough for us.
Have you accepted His love?

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  1. Aww, cute project. Sheeps are like the cutest little animal ever!

  2. Thank you for the idea, and Love your message of True Love!

  3. Congratulations!
    God bless you!

  4. Thanks for the idea! Simple materials and very cute!