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Easter Cross Crafts

It's Good Friday today. 
A day when Christians remember Christ's death on the cross, for our sins.
It's a solemn day, but we know that Easter is coming...
and we can't wait to celebrate His resurrection!

However, for today...
I've rounded up a few cross inspired ideas from my link party
I always like to see how others manage to get the cross
into their Easter decor with all the eggs and bunnies. 
Come take a look.

Homespun with Love brought crosses into their beautiful candy displays. 
Each one has a different meaning: 
-White chocolate cross reminds us of Christ's Love. 
-Brown Chocolate cross reminds us of our sin.
-Chocolate Lamb reminds us of Jesus, the perfect lamb who took all our sins.

I love how Bear Rabbit Bear embellished this store bought cross with flowers.
The flowers add a sign of new life to the cross.

Mom On Timeout crafted these Coin Covered Crosses.
The money on the cross helps us remember that Jesus paid the penalty of sin for all of us. 
What a powerful reminder.

Check out these beautiful 'stained glass' kid made crosses. 
Another idea from Mom on Timeout.

 Creating With the J's. made these gorgeous Easter cards.  Step-by-step instructions on her site.

And here's a few more cross craft ideas that I've already shared,
but couldn't help myself to share them once more...I just love them!

An Easter Egg Banner embellished with crosses by Teagan's Travels.

All Things Beautiful gorgeous moss cross. 
Janis shows you how she made it out of styrofoam and sheet moss.

And remember my Easter Garden from this post?  Click here.

Well, check it out now!!
(The grass grew so tall, I had to 'extend' my crosses with some skewers.)

May you remember the true meaning of Easter this week-end. 
It's Friday, but Sunday's coming!  Happy Easter, friends!

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  1. Thank you Michelle for your lovely display featuring crosses on this Good Friday. So appropriate. Love, love how your garden turned out.

  2. What a great garden and great ideas for future Easters.