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Peeps Gift Ideas!

Love them or hate have to admit that Peeps are pretty cute!  Right?

Today I've got a bunch of Peeps ideas for you to give to teachers,
neighbors, friends, kids and even the bus driver! 
Have you ever noticed that a box of Peeps looks like a school bus?...or a jail?
My kids noticed!

We used a bit of yellow decorative tape to make the windows...
[now are you seeing the jail?]

We taped on some scrapbook paper strips and made wheels from toilet tubes.
[Our bus driver had never seen a Peeps bus before!  We hadn't either!]

Now just wait until you see these fun Peeps ideas from my Springtime Holiday Link Party!
You'll be in love with these cute, stale marshmallow critters!

First up are these '4 My Peeps' Treat Bags from the Detail Oriented Diva.
I love how she had her daughter make the bunny on the tag with her fingerprints! 
Cute and clever!  This is just one of the many Peeps gifts from Detail Oriented Diva!

Look at these lovely white chocolate dipped Peeps from Purple Chocolat Home.

Homespun with Love made these chocolate-dipped peeps tied up in a bow.
They're called...Little Bow Peeps!  Get it?  Bow Peep?  So cute!

Check out these Stacked Peeps on a Stick made by Your Homebased Mom.
My kids would go crazy for these!

Bargain Hoot gave her Peeps a voice!  Peep Pops!  So fun!
Easter PEEP Conversation Bubbles

Take a look at this beautiful Peep cake from Dixie Delights! Wow! 
Dixie's sister embellished a store bought cake with Peeps and gumballs.  Fancy!
April 2011 636

Dixie Delights also created this fun Peeps printable. 
'A sweet treat for our favorite Peeps.'
April 2011 335

Here's another great idea from Homespun with Love.  They had their kids make Peep Houses! 
Edible grass, edible Easter confetti and gummy worms were used!

Sweet Anne Designs made these precious Little Peep Birdhouses. 
She cut them out with her Silhouette.

Now, you could always make your own Peeps! 
DJ's Sugar Shack made these Peeps with white chocolate and colored sugar!  Fancy!

And finally I had to share this absolutely adorable Peep Bunny Bunting from Made.
The bunnies are cut from felt! 

One more PRECIOUS Peep...
Hannicraft crocheted this peep to the ultimate cuteness! you love Peeps or what?   I'm definitely on the love side! 

Do you need some more last minute Easter ideas? 
Come on over and get some amazing inspiration!

Need MORE inspiration? Check out all my Easter posts!


  1. Michelle, thank you for the double Peep feature! You are the best!!! :)

  2. Thank you so much for sharing my Peep Houses! While I did cut them out with my Silhouette, don't forget I included a printable template so not to exclude anyone else! Happy Easter!

  3. That little bus one is so clever. Seems like bus drivers get forgotten sometimes!

  4. Thank you for featuring my crochet peep in this fantastic collection :)

  5. Can you provide me some more ideas about spring holiday gifts? which could be better to use.