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Make Quick, Cheap, Cute Note Cards from $1. Packs

Today I'm posting about my latest card making endeavor.
(It's basically how to make a bazillion, cute thank you notes without spending a lot of money.)

I love finding packs of cute note cards at the craft stores. 
Sometimes they're a $1.00, other times a $1.50. 
(Yes, it's sad that some of the $1. bins have changed to the $1.50 bins.)
A few weeks ago I scored when the craft bins were on clearance!
(That doesn't happen very often.)
I picked up a 6-pack of note cards for .50!  Whoa!
(Of course this meant I had to buy at least 6 packs of them! You'd do the same, right?)

I'm guessing that one of the reasons these cards were on clearance was because they were monogrammed...
plus these were the leftover letters that nobody wanted. 
(Kind of sad that not many names start with the letter O or Q.)

Do you realize that these cards are so easy to change up,
no matter what monogram letter is on them? 

Take a look.

Just rip off the letter label.  Tear it off.
Scrape off the sticky foam square, too. 
Don't worry what it looks like, it will be covered up!

Find some ribbon that matches the note cards
and wrap a piece around the cover of the card.

Tape the ribbon ends right where you ripped off the label
on the front of the card.

Stamp a 'thank you' message onto a white paper square.
Glue the white square message onto a black paper square to make a mat.
(You could stamp any message or picture or even stamp your correct monogram.)

Using a glue stick, adhere the squares right on top of the taped ribbon ends.

Easy, right?  That's all there is to it!

Look how I did the same thing with the zebra print cards.
I tore off the monogrammed labels and added a turquoise ribbon.
I taped the ends of the ribbon on the front of the card.

I stamped a 'With Love' message on white, then matted it on black.
I glued the message right on top of the taped ribbon.

I did the same thing with these cheetah print cards.
This time I used a sheer lime green ribbon.
Instead of taping my ribbon flat, I tied it in a knot.

I stamped a 'thank you' message
and glued it onto the ribbon under the knot.
Quick and easy!
There you have it...
Quick, Cheap, Cute Cards.

Before--plain, straight from the store with a monogram that wasn't mine.

After--a handmade touch.

I've got quite a few of these easy-to-make card tutorials for you...
so stay tuned.
Plus, you'll want to see what I'm doing with all these cards...
they're for a special person!

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  1. You had me at quick, cute and cheap! Those chetah and lime green cards are fabulous, love the ribbon

  2. Love how you made these personalized!

  3. A wonderful redo on ready make cards. You have made your card really special. Have a great week, Laura

  4. Genius, Michelle! I never would have thought of this!

  5. What a great idea!!!

    I would love for you to stop over at my blog, My friend Kalya and I just started a new link party, Circle of Faith, and we would love to have you join us every sunday!!!!

  6. OK, really smart. I always look at those monogrammed cards in the clearance bin and think I should have named my kids Queenie, Fifi, or Veronica. And yes, you absolutely have to buy several packs.