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Burlap Wrapped Mason Jars

I'm helping a friend with her upcoming wedding and you won't believe the prettiness going on at my house right now!
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Over 50+ Mason jars are getting wrapped in burlap, lace, beads and bling!
My house has never looked so pretty.  Well, actually it looks like a wedding 'blew up', but I'm fine with you thinking otherwise.

The jars will be displayed on the reception tables. 
Some will be filled with pink flowers, others with candles,
I might even fill some with sand?  We'll see.

This one is wrapped in burlap, lace, beads and twine...sweetness.

This one is tied up in burlap, beads, tulle, and bling...just a touch of sparkle.

These have more of a sophisticated look.  Burlap, silver netting, ribbon, beads and square bling.

...and these are just some of my favorites.

Here's how the jars came together.  I'll walk you through my steps.  Quick and easy, no sewing.

Start with clean jars and Velcro self adhesive dots.  These Velcro dots are amazing!  They stick to glass strongly and when you're ready to take them off, they come right off with no mess!
 (I borrowed all these jars and the owner would like them back un-decorated...
however, once she sees them, she might change her mind?)

*Never use hot glue on glass!  It takes forever to pick off!
(I completely tested the hot glue for you, so just take my word on it, OK?)

The key to making burlap look good on clear jars--is backing it with white fabric.
 (Burlap and white just go together like a good marriage.)
I used a white muslin fabric, but any 'non-slippery' fabric could work. (ha--no pun intended...never mind.)

1.  Cut a wide strip of white fabric and secure it to the jar using 2 Velcro dots. (One at the top, one at the bottom...leaving the middle of the fabric free.)  Wrap the fabric around the jar and secure with one more Velcro dot in the middle, right on top of the original muslin.  Pull snugly before sticking Velcro on.  Now you have a solid base to hot glue on.

2. Cut a strip of burlap (slightly smaller than the white fabric) and adhere it to the muslin layer.  Hot glue the burlap to the fabric (not to the glass jar).

3.  Next, cut a strip of lace (slightly smaller than the burlap) and adhere it to the burlap layer.  I took an old lace tablecloth found at a thrift store and cut it into strips.  Hot glue the lace to the burlap (not to the glass jar).

4.  Last, apply your decorations!  One of the best things about burlap is that everything sticks easily to it!  Just a touch of hot glue will hold a bit of lace and a string of beads.

When you're ready to have your jars plain again, simply cut through the burlap layer with scissors and peel off the muslin layer and Velcro.  Easy.  You could even re-use all the pieces and assemble again with fresh sticky Velcro and some more glue.

Another great thing about burlap is the rustic look of it. 
You don't have to worry if you don't cut it straight.  It looks great actually looks better uneven.  I love a craft that you can't mess up!
There is an automatic user-error allowance with this craft material!
(No wonder it's popular in elementary schools?)

The bride-to-be was loving the finished jars and all the crafting was going well, until I ran out of lace.  After a couple trips to various thrift stores on various days and not finding lace, I started looking around the house for something else to use... (I should have done this first.)

Sparkly, silver netting that I've used as party d├ęcor at this party and this party, stepped up to the plate...I mean, stepped up to the jar. 
(AH will be so proud I used a baseball reference in my craft post!)
The spendy strip of bling was found at JoAnns.  I cut it into pieces and glued the bling into squares and rings to make it go further. 

Although it doesn't really seem right to put sparkle and rustic together,
a touch of bling on burlap really adds a finishing touch.  I was amazed.

Silver ribbon found at the DollarTree.  Sparkly netting found at Party City. Small white beads were found at Michaels. Twine was purchased at Lowe's.  Lace hearts and lace were cut from thrift store tablecloths.

...and look what's happening for the kids.
baby food jars wrapped up in burlap and sequins to hold crayons.
How fun is that?

So...I'm thinking about keeping a few around here.
Shhhh.  Don't tell the bride.

** Keep checking back with me or follow on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook to see how this rustic wedding reception is pulled together.  I've got 2 weeks to craft my heart out!

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