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Lap Band Surgery Get Well Cards

It really shouldn't have surprised me.
My mother always has unusual requests.

Once she asked me to make
  There were feathers everywhere. I couldn't stop inhaling them.

Another time she asked me to make her
Sand Handprints.
I got all the supplies ready, made the kids help me and then had 3 failed attempts! 
After much frustration (and almost out of Plaster of Paris), I finally figured it out.  Of course they all broke before my mom got them home.  Ugh.

I don't even think I should mention the time she asked me to make her a bunny paper sack piƱata for Easter.  I was so embarrassed by my finished creation that I destroyed every picture she took of it! 
Come on, a grocery sack hanging from a clothesline that looks like a bunny?
I don't think so.

So...I shouldn't have been in shock when she asked me to make her a Lap-Band surgery card for a friend?  What?!

How about a simple Get Well Soon card? 
Nope.  Won't do.
'Make me a cute card with a Lap-Band pun...'

Now, I do love playful puns, but about Lap-Bands?
Do people want you joking about their surgery?
Isn't it sort of a private surgery? 
Do you really want to announce Lap-Band surgery on the front of a card?
OK...if you're sure, mom.

How about this card?
Fairly subtle, cute and involves 'Band-aids'.

It doesn't really have a Lap-Band pun involved. 
It could be used for someone having any kind of surgery.  I like it, no?

OK, I'll try to make the 'band' a bit more obvious.
How about this card?
Kind of cute with the rubber bands, right? 
Very obvious Lap-Band reference and everyone loves Washi tape.
Yes, mom thought both cards were cute,

her favorite card was loud and clear.

You know, why not?
My mom was so excited for her friend to have this surgery and so excited for her to feel better and look better, so why not shout it out to the world?
Why not be loud with support and love and care?
I get it...I really do.

All 3 cards were actually given to her friend...
and I'm happy to report that the surgery was successful and she's recovering well...AND she wasn't offended by the Lap-Band card humor.  Thank goodness!
And just in case you too have a friend going through Lap-Band surgery--
that needs support and a bit of humor,
here's the links to print your own.

(Adhere each print out onto a blank card.
Attach band-aids, rubber bands or ribbon if you'd like.)

That's a wrap!
(Yes, I had to say it!)


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  1. Your cards are cute and this post is cute AND funny!

  2. So clever and cute Michelle! I love to hear about your other projects too. We all have many misses before we get a hit. This is definitely a hit!

  3. Very clever!! Saw you at 52 Mantels :D

  4. Haha. So funny. I think I like your mom!! :)

    I think all three cards turned out great!!