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A Trip to BOOM CITY!

For the last few years AH (Awesome Husband) has taken the kids to BOOM CITY to purchase fireworks. I've never been...until now.
I decided I should probably go and see why my kids kept talking about this place!

 In 4th grade, my son wrote a paper about how the 4th of July was his favorite holiday because of fireworks and BOOM CITY. The teacher later emailed me one night in hysterics and said he accidentally misspelled the word 'BOOM'...he had ended it with a 'B' instead of the letter 'M'.  It provided the teacher with some late night comic relief in her paper grading.
My son was quite embarrassed when he realized what he had done.  

So...yesterday I joined the family with a trip to BOOM CITY.  (spelled correctly)

BOOM CITY is on tribal land, located in Tulalip, WA.

The Native Americans in WA state have different laws and can sell all kinds of fireworks, including the 'illegal' fireworks.  On Camano Island, we are allowed to set off our own fireworks.
This makes our kids very happy.

Before we even turned into the BOOM CITY parking lot,
there were lots of advertisements to check out various booths.

It almost had the look of being in the Dominican Republic...
there were over a hundred 'little colored booths all in rows.'  
However, many of them had VISA signs.

As we walked through, there were lots of comments,
"What are you looking for?"  "Come and see over here, we have everything!"  "I'll make you a deal."  

Apparently AH had some 'big' fireworks leftover from last year, so this year we were looking to purchase a 'family assortment' fireworks pack.  I had no idea that fireworks are so expensive!  

We saw $200. fireworks packs up to 

 $600.+ packs and boxes.

Thankfully we got out of there spending $50.  
My son was very happy with his 'family friendly' NewYorker Set.

*Have you noticed that every picture has my son's mouth hanging open?
Yes, apparently this place is 'paradise' for boys of all ages!

 I'm happy to say I never need to go back to BOOM CITY again...I'll let AH and the kids handle that.

Now, let's stay safe tonight, kids!
Happy 4th of July!  We're off to a parade!


  1. My husband would LOVE Boom City! From the pics, I can see why the Fourth is your son's favorite holiday!

  2. My boys would go crazy there - sadly for them they sat on our playhouse and watched fireworks since their parents were too tired from being at the pool all day