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Make Your Own Vintage Music Wreaths and Fans

I recently made some vintage music page wreaths and fans for my friend's wedding reception.
You'd be so surprised how easy these are to make!  I was!

I found the vintage sheet music at a thrift store.  I bought two books of music for about $3.
If I had really been thinking I would have bought out their entire stock.  Later when I went back it was all gone.  Apparently, vintage music is hard to find.

I was delighted when I unwrapped the music and found that one of the books,
Rose Maiden had a song titled, 'Tis' Thy Wedding Morning'.  

Perfect for a wedding wreath!

Make A Vintage Music Wreath

Can you believe how pretty it turned out?  I was so surprised that rolled up paper could look so sweet.
There are many tutorials on the web to make a vintage music wreath.
I was in a hurry and didn't take the time to look at them.  If I had, I'm sure it would have doubled my time.
I like to make things fast and here's my not perfect, but super-quick version...

Rip out the sheet music from the book.  Be sure there is music printed on both sides.
Take one sheet and make a rolled up cone.
It took me a few tries to figure out how to make each roll look even with the point at the top of the cone.
You want to try to make each roll look exactly the same...or close.
I ended up tucking the right side in and the left side over.
This gave me the title showing on the top of the cone.

(don't mind the glitter in this picture--glitter is the last step!)

Once I figured the cone making out, I got into a rhythm that was hard to stop.
After making each cone, place hot glue on the underside sheet to hold the cone together.
Hot glue is the quickest adhesive--ever!

Make lots and lots of cones!
Don't even start gluing a wreath together until you have a least 20 cones or more!

Now, here's where I wished I would have taken pictures.
The tighter the cones, the more you need to make a wreath.
I didn't think my cones were that tight, but it took 25 cones to make the first layer!
Start laying them out in a circle (touching each other) with their tips pointing in towards the center.
Hot glue the side of each cone sticking them together one by one in a circle.
Once bottom layer is completed, go back and fill in holes with another layer of cones.
Just hot glue them on and you won't believe how a wreath appears before your eyes!

Because I did a fast version, my center tips didn't all line up perfectly,
so I covered the center with a little music fan. (scroll down for the fan instructions.)

And of course I added glitter to each edge.
I brushed on Elmer's glue to the ends and sprinkled on fine silver glitter.

I also hot glued a strip of burlap and lace to the back of the wreath and hung it over an old window.

Don't look too close...this was my first one and there's some spaces I wish I would have filled.

Make A Vintage Music Fan

Making paper fans is incredible fun...I'm not sure why I haven't made them before?
The best, most precise way (and the fastest) is to use this amazing tool from Martha Stewart.

You simply line your paper on the board and score each place where you want to fold the paper.
You could score them every inch, half inch, quarter inch--whatever you choose.

Of course the first few I made I didn't want to take the time to find my score board, so I did without.
They turned out OK, but my folding got thicker and thicker as I went.
With the score board, every fold is the same size...very helpful.

However, don't press too hard with the bone folder on the vintage pages.  They'll rip!

Once the paper is scored, fold it up like an accordion.  Over, under, over, under.
Stand up your pages and make a circle.

To make the circle you'll need to hot glue the seams together,
so all the sheets are connected.

Now, here's the fun part...
Squish the standing accordion circle down in the middle.
The pages will flare out and the center will bunch in.
It will look like this!  Isn't that cool?

Put a dab of hot glue in the center and hold the center papers together until they stick.
Add glitter to the edges with brushed on Elmer's glue.

So pretty!

The great thing is that you can make these fans any size!
Fold your page up in an accordion, cut to the size you want and glue the seams together
With the small fans I hot glued a skewer to the back and added a lace bow.

What a great touch they added to the reception.

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  1. Very pretty. Love it! Keep up the inspiration.

  2. What a great idea! They would complement my sheet music banners. FYI I get my sheet music on Ebay. $2 a book.

  3. Just lovely! You did a great job! Love the glitter on the edges too. Happy Creating, Catherine (new follower)