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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Mentos Thank You for a Mentor

Have any mentors that need a little thoughtful thanks?
How about this quick idea?

Take a pack of Mentos candies.
(My kids love these things!)

Print out and trim up a few blue letter 'r's'.

Click here to print. 

Tape the letter 'r' right over the letter 's' on the package.

Use Washi tape to cover up the word 'mint' on the package.
I wrapped the tape around the package a couple of times.

(The 'mint' word was distracting to me, it might not be for you?)

Click here to print out a 'Thank you for being a great'....card.


Hole punch two holes in each card under the word, 'great'.

Thread curling ribbon through the holes.

Tie the candy onto the card.
I put a tiny piece of tape under the package to secure.

Add a little note to personalize at the bottom.

These little thank you's were perfect for the youth mentors at our church and for my son's piano mentor.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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