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Father's Day Pizza Party

Father’s Day is fast approaching and I’ve got some ‘cheesy’ pizza ideas to help you celebrate your favorite dad or grandpa. 

A Father's Day
Pizza Party…

with a few clever puns 'tossed in' for dad’s sense of humor.
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The entire family will have a great time celebrating dad with this pizza theme, so stick on a fake moustache and start working on your Italian accent.  It’s going to be ‘grate’!

Decorating with a red and white colored theme makes everything look like an Italian restaurant. 

Red gingham plastic disposable tablecloths work perfectly on the table and on the wall as a backdrop.

Red and white paper lanterns, and red curling ribbon add to the pizza themed d├ęcor.  7" pizza boxes can be ordered here.

Pizza boxes make perfect gift boxes, too.
Father's Day t-shirts and pizza parlor gift certificates are great gifts for they go with the theme.  Gotta love that!


Decorate each place setting with small vases and white flowers.  (Baby food jars work nicely.)
  Use red ribbon to tie around the vases. 
I taped name tags to black coffee stirrers and stuck them into the jars.
Washi tape with binder clips and tags are a great way to mark each person's glass.  (Click here for instructions.)

Allow the food to be part of the party activities.  Each guest can make their own mini pizza to their liking.  Make your own or purchase pizza dough and see how well Dad can ‘hand-toss’ his pizza crust. 

Set out lots of pizza sauce, cheese and toppings for each person to customize their pizza.   Bake pizzas on cookie sheets in the oven or over the grill. 

Toppings can be the usual fare or ‘spice’ it up with some interesting meats, peppers, seeds, or fruit choices. 

Serve a big tossed salad

and raw veggies displayed in a ‘pizza fashion’ on a round tray.

Dessert can be pizza shaped, too!  Spread chocolate chip cookie dough evenly onto a large, greased pizza pan. 

Bake until cooked in the center and decorate with frosting. 
Slice into servings with a pizza cutter. 

Make a fruit pizza with a sugar cookie crust, cream cheese frosting and sliced fruit.  Keep chilled until ready to serve.

Purchase a mustache cookie cutter found at craft stores and make your own cookies.  Once cooled, dip entire cookie into chocolate.

Set out a bowl of red licorice vines, not only because they’re dad’s favorite, but because they go with the color theme perfectly.  Other red candy could work as well.

Kids can decorate their own ‘pizza’ cookies. 

Use round shaped sugar cookies and set out these ‘pizza’ toppings with labels: 

‘Sauce’- raspberry pie filling
Cheese’-white shredded chocolate
‘Herbs and Spices’-green sugar sprinkles
‘Pepperoni’-cinnamon red hot candies or red M&M’s.

Designate a well-lit area for picture taking. 

We hung a red and white shower curtain for the backdrop, you could use wrapping paper as well. 

Add a bench to sit on and lots of props like chef hats, pizza pun signs, mustache disguises...and cookies?!

Play some ‘pizza-themed’ games with dad. 
Race Dad to see how many pizza boxes you can put together in a minute. 
et up an obstacle course and balance pizza pans in one hand while completing the course.  Don’t drop them or you’ll have to start over!
--Try to 'out toss' Dad with the pizza dough.  Extra points for Italian style moves!

A celebration always looks better with 'signage'.  Make your own pizza themed signs and name markers,
or print out some of the signs I made.  Here’s some fun puns to decorate the pizza boxes with:

“Thanks for being a ‘PIZ ZA’ our life.”
“Thanks for bringing in the ‘dough’. Dad.”
“You’re nothing but High Cheese!”
“You ‘melt’ our hearts.”
“You’re the ‘slice’ of the party.”
"Nice having you 'round, Dad."
"Piz za love for you, Dad."

Happy Father’s Day!

 In memory of my dear, pun-loving father-in-law.
We love you and miss you, Papa! (This was our last Father's Day celebrated with you!)

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  1. So great Michelle, I love it all! I know this Father's Day will be hard for you guys. Glad you are back :)

  2. Oh my goodness! This looks like such a fun party, and of course, I LOVE your puns! :)

  3. My husband asked for pizza for Father's day so I am so glad to find your printables. Thanks for sharing!