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Apple Pun Thank You for Watching the Kids

An Apple Thank You for Watching Our Kids

When a rare opportunity came up for me to join my husband on a business trip, I took it!  Here's a pun-filled thank you to our friends that helped watch our kids while we were away. 
Of course I went with a theme...


To The ‘Gala’ Family:

Well, first of all- we can’t believe you
‘fell’ for watching our kids! 
We know many families who would
have ‘wormed’ their way out of that job! 
Thanks for ‘picking’ up our kids and
taking care of them while we were away.
Apparently, your home is much
more ‘appe’aling than ours.    
The kids would ‘apple-y’ live with you forever.
We hope their behavior wasn’t ‘rotten’.
Know that we think you’re awesome to the ‘core’! 

With love from your ‘fruity’ friends,
The ‘McIntosh’s’

It's easy to create your own apple themed gift.
Fill up a basket or bowl with lots of apple goodies.

Apple juice, apple chips, a variety of apples and an Applebee's gift card are just a few ideas.  Chocolate-caramel, nut covered apples sold in specialty stores are amazing, too!  Mmm!

Add the above note (or make up your own)

I glued our apple pun letter onto cardstock
and taped on a popsicle stick.

Stick note in the arrangement and hand deliver!

 Now, I would call this gift 'all ripe'!  Don't you think?

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  1. This is such a fun gift!!! Who wouldn't love receiving this?! I always love your puns. :)

  2. Oh my gosh that poem is awesome and that taffy apply looks ridiculously delicious!