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'Rollin' in the New Year Party Ideas

***The printables to this post have been updated to welcome in 2017.  See below for link.

Whether you're hosting New Year's with a crowd or just the family, these pun printables will have everyone ready to 'roll' in the new year!

Simply print out the tags and cut them out.
Click here for link.  Tags have been updated to welcome in 2017.

Mini forks and coffee stirrers work perfectly with the tags.

 Stick a tag in a mini fork and place in a big pretzel crusted roll.

Attach a tag to a coffee stirrer and stick in these swiss rolls.

 Rolo candies make perfect party favors. 
Attach tag and tie candies up in a bow.

Other candy treats to fit the theme...
Fruit Roll-ups!

and don't forget Tootsie Rolls!

Of course you can expand on this 'roll' theme with the dinner menu.
Why not serve up egg rolls or sushi California rolls or even give my yummy Chicken Roll-Up recipe a try?

'Roll' the dice to play Bunco and be sure to award the highest roller a Cinnabon gift card.  (Get it? Cinnamon 'rolls'.)

 Have a rockin', rollin' great New Years!
(What would you add to this theme?)

Sticking with the 'roll' theme...
click here to see my
'Role' Appreciation Gift.

Here's some more New Year's Pun Party Ideas for you.  Click here.

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